School management system in India: The future of educational technology in India


In India, the utilization of instructional technology has been met with hesitation by numerous educational institutions, especially schools. These institutions have long relied solely on basic technological tools such as computers and projectors. Despite potential benefits, there are three predominant factors contributing to this reluctance towards adopting instructional technology. One of the reasons is the misconception of it being expensive. Additionally, there is a perception that technology is complicated and not essential for educational purposes. Although these arguments may not always hold water, it is worth noting that tools such as school management systems are readily available, user-friendly, and have proved to be advantageous for all Indian educational institutions.

The recent pandemic has caused a significant shift in Indian schools, as the importance of educational technology has been widely recognized. In fact, the National Education Policy – 2020 specifically emphasizes the use of educational technology to enhance the quality and accessibility of instruction in schools. One particularly effective form of educational technology that seamlessly integrates with schools and other educational institutions is a school management system. This innovative system streamlines the management and operations of a school, making it easier to handle. Not only does it benefit administrators, but also all stakeholders in the educational system including parents, teachers, and students. Experience the convenience and efficiency of a school ERP for yourself.

How does the school management system help Indian schools?

For years, the responsibility of managing school databases has rested solely on the shoulders of Indian school workers. Whether through pen and paper or complex spreadsheets, all tasks were manually completed. Fortunately, the school administration system has revolutionized the process by automating administrative duties and offering convenient features for teaching and learning. Why should educational institutions choose school management software as the primary choice for incorporating intelligent technology? Let’s delve into some of its noteworthy qualities.

Live Admission

This feature is helpful for administrators as well as the students and their parents. Live online admission allows students and parents to send an admission inquiry and apply online without going to the school and standing in long queues for hours to get admission.

Administrators can separate the entries based on student eligibility or entrance exams. The feature makes the admission process faster and more organized for parents, students, and administrators.

Student and Employee Management

No longer will the school administrator have to manage the student and employee database on stacks of papers. The school management system offers student management and staff management feature that allows the administrator to manage the database within the application.

The school admin can access the details of every student and employee with this management feature. The administrative team has the access to employee database where the leaves and complaints of or against employees are managed. The admin can also remove or block any employee from the list.

Fees Management

Student fee is an integral aspect of school operations. Teachers and other staff members of the school receive their monthly payment with the money collected by the school through fees.

That is why the management of student fees is an important task. The fees management feature of school ERP allows admin to segregate student lists based on whose fee is paid and whose is pending.
Admin can then send a reminder message to the parents of students whose fee payment is pending without having to get the child involved. The parents receive this message directly on their phone so that they do not miss the due date.

Virtual Smart Class and Video Tutorials

After becoming familiar with online classes, students are more aware of the facilities that online classes provide. School management systems provide smart classes that give you the facilities of an online class with more features that are dedicated to a better learning experience. This virtual smart class fills the gaps that are present in online learning through video calling applications.

Tools like whiteboard sharing and live chat with the teacher allow students to learn with the ease of a physical classroom. Whereas, video tutorials allow students to re-visit their past lectures whenever they want to.

Smart Integration

A school management system comes with different integrations to make your communication and operations faster. It offers Biometric integration for automated live attendance for students as well as teachers. With this, all students have to do is input their biometric (like your fingerprint) to be marked present.

The school ERP also offers payment gateway integration for parents to pay fees online. With this integration, parents can choose to pay their child’s fee through their smartphones. They will not have to go to the school specifically to pay the fees or wait in long lines for that.

Although, the most important school ERP integration is that of WhatsApp integration. It allows the school admin to send announcements, reminders, and notifications directly to the parent’s WhatsApp. Teachers can also send homework and related study material to the parent’s WhatsApp.

What is the future of the school management system in India?

Even if schools in India were hesitant to use educational technology, they are slowly and steadily accepting school management systems for all the benefits that it offers them.

In the future, as the need to adopt technological solutions for education increases, more schools will integrate a school management system for completing their daily tasks at the school.

It will not only increase their productivity and make work faster and more efficient but also decrease manpower necessary for completing the smaller clerical jobs.

In all aspects, the school management system will become a smarter option for schools to run more effectively.


The schools in India have become more tech-savvy than they were a decade ago. The school management system gives them more freedom by reducing the time and effort they used to put in just the administrative task, let alone teaching and learning.

School ERP is software that assists teachers, admins, parents, and students with its various features for decreasing their workload. Soon more schools will adopt the school management system to advance their school technologically.

What else do you think will be an integral part of the education system in the future? Tell us in the comments section below, and check out our blog for more topics like this.

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