Student Management System

Student Management System

Students are the main stakeholders of any educational institution. Hence, it becomes important for the schools to ensure that they offer the best services and facilities to their students. With the advancing technology, more schools are now adapting to the student management system through school management software.

But what is student management software? And how is it useful for your school?
A student management system is a tool often as a part of the larger software like school ERP software or a standalone software used to manage student-related data, processes, and functions at the school.
With the SWEEDU School Management ERP Software, you get to access the features of the student database management system module. With that, you can ensure that you provide all the necessary information to the students right when they need it.
Before we discuss further, let’s see the difference between school management software and student management system.

Difference between School Management Software and Student Management System

The definition above mostly mentions what exactly a student management or student information system is. However, the table below will help you to understand the difference between the two.

School Management Software

  • Helps you to manage all the processes and functions related to school.
  • Useful for students, parents, admin, and school staff to simplify multiple processes.
  • Is complete software in itself.

Student Management System

  • Helps you to manage student-related data and functions in your school.
  • Useful for students, parents, admin, and school staff to simplify only student-related processes.
  • Can be a part of the larger software, or a standalone system.

What features do you get in the Student Management System of SWEEDU ERP Software?

Smart Class

SWEEDU School ERP Software helps schools by providing them tools to conduct online classes with increased efficiency.


Video Tutorials

The video tutorial feature in SWEEDU offers a complete learning management system to the students of your school.

Online Exam

SWEEDU School ERP Software offers a robust online examination system for your school students and teachers.



With the Attendance module in SWEEDU School ERP, schools and other educational institutions can easily manage school attendance.


Homework Management

The video tutorial feature in SWEEDU offers a complete learning management system to the students of your school.


Timetable Management

With SWEEDU’s Timetable Management feature,school admins, and teachers can create timetable for every student within their school.

Why Do You Need a Student Management System?

Student information management system allows you to record and keep student-related data organized and streamlined to process and retrieve it easily and whenever needed. There are many benefits that the student records management system offers your students, teachers, administrators, and even parents.

Here are some important benefits that student management system features offer your educational system.

Benefits of Students

Student profile management

Students and their parents can view and manage student profiles in SWEEDU. This allows them to keep the information related to the student updated.

Student records viewing

Students can view their academic details all in a single place. This will include their attendance data, exam schedule, hall tickets, mark sheets, progress reports, daily and vacation homework, etc.

Information regarding academics

This includes their regular and exam timetable for online and offline classes and exams, announcements, schedules, notifications, etc.

sweedu Benefits of Students
SWEEDU Benefits for parents

Benefits for Parents

Faster and easier online admission process

Parents can send inquiries for school admissions using their accounts. From there, they can also apply for admission and submit necessary documents to the school. The school then can confirm the admission status of their children.

Easier fees payment

Parents no longer have to go and pay fees for their children at the school. They can directly pay the pending fees online using the SWEEDU School Management Parent’s Application.

Regular progress report updates

Parents also get to stay in the loop of their child’s academic progress, view their report cards, extracurricular achievements, and more right on their smartphones.

Benefits for Teachers

Easier access to student information

Teachers can view and partially edit student information of each class for their attendance, exam reports, homework, and more.

Streamlined management of students’ academic data

Teachers can update students’ academic information right from their smartphones using the SWEEDU Teacher’s application.

Seamless communication

The changes teachers make from their accounts can be viewed by parents and students so that they too get updates about the child’s attendance, mark sheets, and progress reports.

SWEEDU benefits for teachers
SWEEDU benefits for administrators

Benefits for Administrators

Centralized database of all the student information

All the data related to students’ academics, fees, admission, and similar other information is stored in a centralized database that can be accessed on different devices using user ID and password.

Selected role-based access to data

Admins can choose to give information on a need-to-know basis so that only required student information is shared with the other account holder without disclosing other aspects.

Cloud-based server for higher data security

SWEEDU school management software uses SSL compliant connection to ensure that your data is safe from online attacks and data loss. The cloud-based server ensures that your data is automatically backed up all the time.

Experience all these benefits yourself with SWEEDU. Connect with us to start your free trial of SWEEDU School Management Software with the Student Management System module. Or send us an inquiry at to find out more.




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1. What is a student management system?

A student management system is designed to help educators and schools collect, organize, and store student information in one central location.

2. What are the features provided in a SWEEDU student management system?

SWEEDU’s student management system includes features such as student records (including health information and attendance), student lists, timetables, attendance tracking, admission information, student leave reports, and more.

3. How does a student management system benefit schools?

A student management system benefits schools by automating tasks, improving communication, and making data organization more efficient. This helps schools save time and increase productivity in their daily management.

4. Does a student management system only benefit teacher

A student management system benefits not only teachers but also administrators, parents, and students by keeping them updated with all student information.

5. Is the student management system only for schools?

No, SWEEDU’s student management system is useful for all types of educational institutions, including schools, coaching centers, colleges, universities, preschools, and various other types of institutions.