Homework Management

Homework Management 

Learning and Education are not going to produce great results without proper homework. With our Online Homework Management module teachers can schedule/upload homework for students via the SWEEDU Teacher App or account on the SWEEDU Web Panel.

There are mainly 2 types of School Homework:

  1. Daily Homework and
  2. Vacation Homework.

All the assigned homework can be accessed using the Parent/Student Mobile Application. The teacher may attach additional files like PDF/doc and can even add descriptions related to homework given.

Benefits of Using Homework Management System  in SWEEDU School ERP Software

Homework and time management go hand-in-hand when it comes to student productivity. SWEEDU School ERP Software allows students to manage and prioritize their school homework. This also helps them in improving their time management skills.

Here are some benefits this module offers you:

  • Easier assignment and follow-up for teachers.
  • Error-free communication of homework instructions.
  • Digital access to homework resources directly from the teacher.
  • Effortless completion and submission of online homework
  • And more…

Experience the ease of managing online and offline homework with SWEEDU School ERP’s Homework Management feature. Find out more about homework management in this blog.

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