Homework Management

Homework Management 

Searching for a better way to keep track of your homework assignments? Teachers may simply schedule and post homework assignments using SWEEDU’s Teacher App or Web Panel, reducing time wastage.

But that’s not all: using the Parent/Student mobile app, parents as well as students can view homework assignments, making it simpler than ever to keep on top of tasks. You can also guarantee that all students are located on the same page with all of the information they require by allowing them to upload supplementary files and descriptions relating to the homework.

So, what are the benefits of using our Homework Management feature? Check it out:

    • Easier assignment and follow-up for teachers
    • Error-free communication of homework instructions
    • Digital access to homework resources directly from the teacher
    • Effortless completion and submission of online homework

And much more! Say goodbye to the headache of managing homework assignments and hello to a more organized and streamlined process with SWEEDU’s Homework Management feature. Find out more about homework management in

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