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SWEEDU Mobile Applications

With SWEEDU School Management Software, you get a dedicated mobile app for school management. This School ERP app can be used by Teachers, Parents, and even the school bus Conductor. These applications are created to give you the flexibility and convenience of managing your work at school and school-related information whenever you want, right from your smartphones.

SWEEDU Teacher’s Application

SWEEDU School Management Software offers a dedicated teacher’s smartphone application to allow teachers to manage their school schedule and work using their phones.

This inclusive smartphone school app provides all the necessary features from conducting a class to applying for leave.

The SWEEDU Teacher’s Application includes:

  • Teacher’s Profile
  • Proxy Management
  • Task Management
  • Leave Management
  • Online Smart Classes
  • Homework Management
  • Event Notifications
  • And much more…

Check out the video to see the SWEEDU Teacher’s app for school management in action.

SWEEDU Parent’s Application

The SWEEDU School Parent’s Application is a complete smartphone application dedicated to keeping parents updated on their child’s academic progress at all times. SWEEDU School Management Software has created this comprehensive mobile school app for parents so that they never miss any important updates about their child from the school.

This will also work as an education app for students to view, download and submit their home, attend online classes, and exams.

It includes:

  • Personal & Student Details
  • Fees Management & Online Fees Payment
  • Student Attendance Report
  • Leave Request & Report
  • Timetable Management
  • Online Smart Classes
  • Video Tutorials
  • Notifications & Reminders
  • Homework Management
  • And much more…

Watch the video to know how the SWEEDU school management app for parents works.

SWEEDU School Conductor Application

The SWEEDU School Conductor Application is a vital part of your SWEEDU School Management Software to ensure student safety during transit. This smartphone application is created for school bus conductors and drivers to manage the students who travel via their buses.

With the School Conductor Application, bus drivers and conductors can notify the school and parents about every activity happening in and around the school bus. That includes sending alerts on events like:

  • Students boarding the bus
  • A student leaving the bus
  • Arriving at the next stop
  • Traffic delays
  • Bus breakdown
  • Route deviations
  • Or any other situation that affects the transit

The school administration can communicate the decided bus route to the conductor which he/she can receive directly on their smartphone with the SWEEDU School Conductor Application. It makes sure that students’ trip to and from the school and home is safe and without any obstructions.