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Parents always trust the school and the school bus drivers to keep their children safe while driving to the school, during, and back. And the concern is even greater when the child is too young.

While there are many school management software that helps schools to manage their operations, only some of the best school management software offers additional features that serve the students, parents, as well as the school.

A school conductor application is one such additional feature that ensures that students are always safe while en route to school from home or vice versa.

Top school management software offers as many as 10 login profiles including that of the school admin, teacher, student, parent, accountant, and even the bus driver. As a part of the school’s system, all the major stakeholders have their separate login to access the data and information required to play their part efficiently.

With one of these login profiles, the bus driver/conductor can access the bus route allocated to him/her. The conductor of the school bus has their own dedicated mobile application, called the school conductor application.

In this blog, we are going to see how this school conductor application can ensure student safety.

It Gets Students’ Attendance

Whenever a student boards the school bus, the conductor can send an instant notification to the parents as well as the school administration so that both parties know that the student has successfully boarded the bus.

In this notification, both, the parents and the school administration will receive the location from where the student boarded the bus and at what time. With this information, parents can be assured about their child reaching school safely.

A similar kind of notification is sent when the student reaches the school, boards the bus back home, and reaches the nearest bus stop. These notifications constantly give the parents an update on their child’s location without having to keep an eye on the GPS tracker for student safety. However, parents can check the bus location in real-time whenever they want with the parent’s application of the school management software.

It Sends Arrival Alerts

Remember how long you had to wait for your child’s bus to arrive at the designated pick-up spot? Whether it was during the summers, winters, or even monsoons, bad weather always seemed to increase the wait time for school buses.

But not anymore, with the school conductor application of the school management software, the school bus conductors can send an alert to the parents before arriving at the pick-up spot to let them know by when they need to reach the pick-up spot.

Neither parents nor students have to wait for long in the extreme weather only to board a bus. Once the parents receive the notification, they can take their child to the pick-up spot so that they can immediately board the bus to school without waiting.

Similarly, the conductor can also use this app to send an alert while dropping the student off. So that parents can be present at the drop-off spot just before the bus arrives.

Through the GPS tracking feature, parents see the bus movement in real-time, so they would know when the bus is close by. However, no one can constantly keep an eye on the map while ignoring other things which is why the alerts and notifications from the school conductor application are so valuable.

It can Send Important Transit Notification

Any important information regarding the traffic or student, or the bus itself is immediately notified to the school administration as well as the parents. For example, if an expected student does not board the bus from the designated bus-stop, the conductor can instantly send a notification to the school as well as the parents informing them of his/her absence.

This ensures that no student ditches school no matter what all the while informing the parents of their child’s safety. Other crucial notification for when the bus is delayed, broken down, or faces any other problem are also notified to the parents and the school administration.

With such notification, the school and parents can think of a solution and ensure student safety.

It Gives a Specific Route for Every Bus

The administration uses school management software to create bus routes for every school vehicle with stops near the students’ homes. The bus driver has to follow the assigned route to pick-up their set of students every day.

With the school conductor application, the driver and the bus conductor can view the route along with the stops to make sure that the parents and the school administration would know where to find the bus at any time during the transit.

These routes are selected in a way that uses picks up all students from one area while optimizing the usage of fuel.


The school conductor application ensures student safety during transit to and from the school. It gives regular updates to the parents about their child’s position and attendance on the school bus.

With this application, parents will immediately know if their child misses the school bus or tries to ditch school by not boarding the bus. They can then take action to make sure that such instances do not happen again.

To understand the complete school conductor application, try the school management software for free and learn about all the awesome features that this software has to offer you.

How do you ensure your child’s safety during school transit? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share this blog with someone who you think will be benefitted from this information. If you want to know more about school management software and everything it has to offer, read our other blog posts.



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