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SWEEDU College Management Software

Manage students, departments, staff, finances, and more with the all-in-one SWEEDU College Management Software. Help your staff and students stay always ahead of the competition with unmatched productivity.

SWEEDU offers you some of the best college management software features in India with which you can achieve unparalleled efficiency in your management that will lead to higher profits.

Why choose SWEEDU College Management Software?

SWEEDU College Management Software is made with extensive research and insights from multiple colleges across India. This has allowed us to bring the best of features and modules to make college institute management more streamlined.


With SWEEDU you get,


Regular Updates

Regular updates for new features to give you more with every passing year.


In-House Development
SWEEDU’s In-House Developers and the R&D team ensure that your college gets the best and latest education technology at affordable pricing.


24×7 Dedicated Support
Our dedicated customer support endeavors to help you solve any doubt, query, or issue concerning the software.


Manage Your College From Anywhere With SWEEDU

SWEEDU College Management Software is available on 4 different platforms: Offline Desktop Software, Online Web Panel, Android App, and iOS App.

What are the features of SWEEDU College Management Software?

student and employee for college management software

Online Admission and Enrollment

College entrance is often a long process consisting of entrance exams and personal interviews. With the SWEEDU College Software, you can bring the entire process online and reduce expenses on organizing large admission fairs.

online attendance for College management software

Student Attendance Management

With the SWEEDU College Attendance Management, you can automate student attendance by integrating the UHF gate or biometric machine. It ensures accurate and transparent attendance marking without any student mischief or the educator’s error.

Accounting billing for college management system

Accounting (Billing and Invoicing)

Collect online fees, manage accounts, monitor budget, export finance reports, create invoices, and pay bills right from the Accounts Management module of the SWEEDU college management system. Create your budgets with helpful insights on your spending trends from the previous period and save on expenses.

notification alerts for college management software

Notifications & Alerts

Whether it is about exams or a college fest, you can share all information directly with the students. With the Notifications & Alerts feature in SWEEDU College Management System and mobile app, students will receive all the communication in no time ensuring higher accuracy and productivity.

Online Fees Collection​ for college management software

Online Fees Collection

Let go of the days when the students have to carry cash and visit the college office to pay their fees. Online Fees Collection in SWEEDU School Software allows your college to accept fees online easily and securely.

Learning management (1) for college management system

Learning Management

Learning Management in SWEEDU College Management Software allows students to easily access learning resources shared by the teachers and professors on the SWEEDU Software. From there, students can easily download resources to view and access them whenever they want without the need for an internet connection.

SWEEDU College Management Software Benefits

Streamlined Communication for collge management software

Streamlined Communication

Effortless Administration for college management system


Optimized-Expenditure for college management software

Optimized Expenditure

Secure-Online-Offline Examination for college management software

Secure – Online & Offline

Improved-Transparent (2) for college management software

Improved Transparency

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1. What is college management software?

College management software is a system designed to streamline administrative processes and help manage student data, admissions, attendance, finance, and more.

2. How does college management software enhance communication between students, faculty, and administration?

Our software includes features like WhatsApp integration, announcements, and notice boards, ensuring that important information is easily accessible to everyone.

3. Can college management software help with admissions processes?

Yes, our software includes online application forms, document submission portals, and automated admission workflows to streamline the entire process, making it more efficient and quick.

4. How does the software handle attendance tracking ?

The software offers tools for tracking student attendance, allowing instructors to record attendance online and providing real-time access to both students and faculty.

5. Is training and support provided when implementing college management software?

Yes, our support team provides training and assists your staff in becoming familiar with the software during the implementation process and ensures that any issues are promptly addressed.