Admission Management

Admissions Management 

School admissions are important processes that help schools attract new students and increase their revenue. However, the traditional manual admission process is too long and arduous for school administration, students, and parents. This is where Online Live Admission in SWEEDU school ERP software is useful.

With the online admission system, schools can collect admission applications online without having to organize physical admission fairs. Parents can inquire about the school and fill up their child’s admission forms online, attach required documents, and submit the forms to the school right from their homes.

The module collects all the online admission data in the cloud-based server and allows the administrator to access it whenever they want. Based on the criteria set by the school administration, it also sorts out students that fit the criteria so it becomes easier for the school to shortlist the number of eligible candidates.

Benefits of Online Live Admissions Management 

The major advantage of the online live admission system in SWEEDU school ERP software is that it automates the complete admission process of your school. Other benefits include:

  • Wider reach for the school,
  • Faster admission process,
  • Online entrance exams,
  • More facility to the parents and students,
  • Easier sifting to choose eligible applicants
  • Data protection on cloud
  • Faster organization and retrieval of data

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