online admission software
online admission software


s the new academic year draws near, many Indian states are still facing the challenge of resuming offline classes. As a result, the admissions process, a crucial start to the new school year, is looming. However, with the current circumstances, the traditional method of standing in long admission queues, filling out forms, and providing documents is not ideal. In response, many schools are turning to online admission software to simplify the process. The manual school admission process has always been a cumbersome task for both schools and students/parents. Amidst the ongoing situation, it has become even more taxing. As parents are hesitant to send their children to school, expecting them to gather in lines for admissions is impractical for educational institutions. Nevertheless, even if parents are willing to visit the school for admissions, it is essential for schools to prioritize their safety and well-being.

How does Online Admission Management Software Help Educational Institutions?

Schools are burdened with the tedious tasks of printing numerous application forms, organizing on-site admission lines, and ensuring the safe storage of all essential documents for future reference. Whether or not these expenses will be reimbursed depends on the number of accepted students. However, this entire process can be streamlined by implementing an online admissions system within the school’s ERP software. This means that the administrative team can simply oversee the process while the ERP efficiently handles all aspects of admissions.

Benefits of Using Online Admission Management System in School ERP Software for Administration

Here are some of the benefits that school administration gets while using the online admission software.

  • It automates the school admission and fee collection process.
  • It stores your data in a securely encrypted cloud server.
  • It saves your time, effort, and finances.
  • It reduces the manpower necessary for managing the on-premise admission event.
  • It allows you to set up an entrance exam paper to choose the eligible candidates.
  • It offers payment gateway integration to collect admission fees online.
  • And many more…

These benefits make the online admission system of school ERP software one of the best online admission tools that can be used to segregate every step of the admission process into easily manageable parts.

How is it Better than Manually Handling

Online admissions offer many advantages that manual handling of the admission process can never offer. For example, manually, you need to manage a heap of submitted documents that are automatically stored on a cloud when you are using the online admission system.

Here are some other areas where online admission is better than manual admission.

  • Digitized process

In a world where you can get everything at your fingertips, getting information should also be a process easily completed virtually.

  • Lesser need for manpower

When you are distributing or collecting admission forms manually, you need to keep an additional person to make sure that every form distributed is tracked on time and every submission received is organized efficiently. With online admission, not only your printing costs reduce but you also do not need to have an additional person sitting at the admission desk at all times.

  • Easy sorting of eligible applicants

Online admission also offers an online entrance exam feature that allows the school to shortlist eligible applicants without any extra cost. This cannot be said for the manual admission process.

  • Zero paperwork

The complete process, right from admission inquiry to entrance exams and confirmation of admission can be done online with the online admission system. Hence, unlike the manual admission process, it does not need any stationery.

How does Online Admission Management Software Help Parents and Students?

The online admission system in school ERP software helps students and parents to send admission inquiry to the schools they are interested in. They can also fill in the admission forms right from their homes and submit it with an active internet connection.

The parents or students do not have to wait in long line to first get the admission form and then to submit it. They can do it all and more using the online admission software.

Students can also give their school entrance exams through the software so that they do not have to go to the school physically.

Benefits of Online Admission System in School ERP Software for Parents and Students

The online admission software makes the complete process of school admission online without the need for parents or students to go to school physically. Here are some of the top benefits that online admission in school ERP software offers the students and their parents.

  • It allows you to send an online inquiry to the school.
  • You can fill the admission form online.
  • You can also upload student photo and other required documents directly to the portal.
  • Students can give entrance exams online from wherever they are.
  • They will also get the confirmation of admission online when they pass the entrance test.
  • Parents can pay the admission fees online with the payment gateway integration.

These benefits provide convenience to the parents and the students especially at times like these when staying at a distance is good for everyone.


Online admission in school ERP software offers many facilities for schools and parents including easy, faster, and more efficient admission process and online fees payment and collection. It automates the complete admissions process to give you more time to complete other important tasks.

Start a school management software free trial to know how the online admission system works for your school and its stakeholders. What difficulties are you facing while managing your school or school work? Share them with us in the comments below. And if you find this blog interesting and information then consider sharing it with your peers on social media.

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