Preschool Management Software

SWEEDU Preschool Management Software

Preschool are also places where a large number of students come together to receive quality education. And much like a school, it too needs good management to ensure procedural efficiency for high profits and better service.

With the SWEEDU Preschool Management Software, manage your Preschool institute or tuition class and all the students that study there.

Give school-like facilities in your Preschool centers with SWEEDU Preschool Management Software.

Why choose SWEEDU Preschool Management Software?

SWEEDU offers you the experience of 12 years along with the robust modules and tools to help you automate and manage your preschool’s functions and operations more effectively.

Not only that, you get much more than that…

Manage Your Preschool From Anywhere With SWEEDU


What are the features of SWEEDU Preschool Management Software?

Sweedu Online Student Attendence

Student Attendance Management

SWEEDU Preschool Attendance Management automates student attendance by integrating the UHF gate so that when the students arrive at the school wearing their RFID cards, their attendance will be marked automatically.

Sweedu Software Regular Notification

Notifications & Alerts

Communicate directly with your student’s parents over the smartphone with the Notification & Alerts feature in SWEEDU Preschool Management Software. Be it the student attendance, pick-up & drop notifications, performance reports, teachers can send every notification and alert to the parents with SWEEDU.

Online Admission & Enrollment

Online Admission & Enrollment

Conduct online admission and preschool enrollment with the SWEEDU Preschool Management Software. Allow parents to inquire and apply for admissions right from your website. Enroll students directly from a single interface and save resources on admission fairs.

Online Fees Collection

Online Fees Collection

Set up your online payment gateway by integrating it with the SWEEDU Preschool Management System Software. Start accepting online fees payments and manage online and offline payments with higher efficiency using the SWEEDU Preschool Software.

Sweedu Transport management

Transport management

Ensure student safety outside your kindergarten with the Transport management module of SWEEDU Kindergarten Preschool Management Software. Track any preschool vehicles and ensure they follow the route you set for them.

Accounting (Billing and Invoicing)

Accounting (Billing and Invoicing)

Manage accounts, create budget, export finance reports, create invoices, and pay bills right from the Accounts Management module of the SWEEDU preschool management system. Plan budgets based on your spending trends from the previous period and save expenses.

SWEEDU Preschool Management Software Benefits

optimize transparency














Offer real-time updates through direct messaging
and instant announcements.


1. How does the software help with parent communication?

With features for messaging and notification systems that enable easy communication between teachers and parents. You can send updates, photos, and announcements to parents, fostering better communication and engagement.

2. What are some important features in a preschool management software?

Other than the basic features like attendance management, fees management, etc. there are some more specific features that are a must for preschool management like health and safety tracking, meal management, and vaccination management.

3. Can I customize the software to fit my preschool's unique needs?

Yes, SWEEDU offers customization options to adapt to your specific requirements. You can often customize forms, reports, and other aspects of the software to align with your specific needs.

4. Is there a free trial available?

Yes, we offer a free trial opportunity to our interested school clients so you can test the software before committing. Just click the ‘Try Demo’ button in the menu bar.

5. Can I integrate the software with other tools we use?

Yes, our software has integration capabilities, making it easy for you to access all the tools you need in one place.