Why School Management System is Necessary for Student Safety

While talking about a school management system, most people focus on how it increases the school’s productivity and automates many of the redundant tasks required for operating your school properly. These benefits are pretty substantial and must-have for a good school management system.

However, an excellent school management system does more than that. Sure, it offers all of the above benefits plus it facilitates better teaching and learning for the teachers and students. But above all, it increases the students’ security during school hours and after that.

The ideal school ERP software offers different features that will increase child safety and security during their educational years. And that makes it more important for schools to adopt a school management system because the safety of their students is a priority of every educational institution.

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss, five features that give you solid reasons to adopt a school management system for your child/student’s safety.

REASON #01: It allows student tracking

Most of the schools have designated vehicles to pick their students up for school and drop them back home after school hours. To ensure their student safety, schools do a background check on bus drivers before hiring them. But they are never in contact with the bus driver when the bus is on the road.

The school management system offers live GPS tracking of every school bus not only for the school but also for the parents so that they can track the vehicle from their smartphones.

This allows the school administrator and the parents to know the position of their children right from the school till they reach home or vice versa.

The administrator has an option to set a route and picking points according to the student addresses. With this option, the admin can make sure that the bus driver follows a safer route for students. And if the bus driver suddenly changes the route, the admin will notice it immediately and take actions accordingly.

REASON #02: It secures student data

Individual data of each student is very confidential as it should be. When it is stored on a regular desktop device, there are chances of data getting destroyed if the device gets damaged. And if the data is stored manually in a closet, time and weather might wear it out.

Storing student data in a secure place is necessary for the future of those students and the school itself. With school ERP, all the data you create and gather is stored in a secure cloud-based server so that it stays protected, and you can access it from any device you want if you have your login credentials.

It also keeps your staff and other school-related data secured for future use, so you can rest assured.

REASON #03: It offers lecture-wise attendance

Normally schools take attendance once throughout the day and mark the student present or absent. However, they have no official record of students who may have cut lectures landing themselves into trouble.

With lecture-wise attendance, teachers can keep a track of every student that may have cut class. He/she can send an alert to the student’s parents notifying them about absenteeism.

This ensures that the student does not get himself/herself into any kind of trouble. Once the parents get the notification, they can take the action accordingly.

REASON #04: It keeps a track of visitors

Visitor management is often a long process for the security and the administrator to maintain the safety of the school and its students.

The school management system offers a feature for efficient visitor management. It allows the security to keep a detailed record of all the visitors arriving and leaving the school premises.

The security personnel can record the name, timing, and purpose of the visit, whom they want to meet, photo of the visitor, and timing of leaving.

This feature makes sure that no unwanted person enters the school so that student safety is ensured during school hours.

REASON #05: WhatsApp and SMS integration

Staying in contact with the student’s parents is important to keep them in the loop for child safety. If any unwarranted event happened during school hours, the school administrator should be able to contact them with all the necessary details.

With WhatsApp integration, the school can send important messages to the student’s parents. Its rich texting will allow schools to also send images, audio files, documents, video files, as well as location.

So, schools can stay in contact with the parents to ensure students are always safe when they are under the care of the school.


The school management system can help schools increase their all-around safety and make the institution more secure for the students. Moreover, it helps do all the regular tasks that are necessary to run a school.

Hence it not only increases the productivity and efficiency of the school while reducing the workload, but it also increases student safety and makes the school environment more secure.

It offers many more features than those stated in this blog. These features are useful for all the stakeholders of a school’s education system to make their life easier.

What else would you do to increase the security of your school to ensure student safety? Do tell us in the comments section below and make sure to check out other blogs on topics similar to this.




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