Tracking student attendance for your institution is very important. It helps you evaluate its quality, make timely administrative and financial decisions, and plan events such as exams and other institutional activities. Being aware of student attendance is not only important for your institution but also for your students and their parents. Regular attendance is important to a student’s academic success.

To help you with all this, we have introduced the 2 ways of managing Attendance as part of Sweedu. The first one is the traditional manual attendance, and the other one is the bio-metric system. The manual attendance will be done by the teacher and later will be updated. Whereas the biometric system is totally automated and works with the fingerprint of the student.

With sweedu attendance management feature teacher can track the students presence and absence subject wise or batch wise on sweedu teachers app which also helps them to quickly insert attendance daily. Parents can track their children’s attendance by logging into the parents app with provided username and password from the admins. This easily helps to keep an eye or track students performance in the schools.

Hence, Sweedu is an online school management software based on cloud server which can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. It has covered all as aspect of administration,management,communication, support, transport. Simple and easy to use dashboard designed for the users, through which one can easily recognize key features and experience convenient navigation’s. Get your free trial demo today.