We live in a world where computers are universal; technology has entirely changed, towards the better future. And education is one such where technology and the use of computers have changed the way it is delivered, completely different from what it used to be in the previous decades.Other than various new learning techniques like online courses, smart classrooms; technology has equally simplified the management of educational institutions.

ERP in education is not a new concept; ERPs were used in major corporations in some of the biggest industries, to ease the management process. With the development of technology and widespread demand for computing, concepts have led to the increasing popularity of ERP solutions in other industries like educational institutes. So, what gives educational ERP the edge over the traditional method of management? It’s the time and efficiency that places the software ahead of the traditional methods.

Let Us See First All Are The Advantages Of an Education Erp Software:

1. Cost Effective: The most leading advantage of using ERP in education is the costing factor. Saving on the number of man-hours lets you save so much on finances. Basic campus management requires a lot of manpower to manage things like fee collection, admission process, etc. When this management is done online, a lot is saved in the finance sector which can be used for other useful purposes.

2. Data is well Organised: You can Organize your data the way you want. Education ERP gives you a lot of ways to organize data of your institution that would help in proper management.

3. Secured Data: Data’s stored on web servers are far more secured than those kept inside the shelves in the schools. Data stored by ERP software in servers have backup systems and thus, your information is safe and secured!

4. Automated Administration: The entire administration which was earlier managed using much manpower, gets minimal with education ERP software’s.

5. Management process gets faster: Education ERP software fastens the entire process of institutional management to a great extent which leads to more focus on education.

As we know there is another side of the coin too. So let us see all are the Disadvantages of an education ERP software :

1. Return on Investment(ROI ): When the ERP implementation doesn’t work as expected, it can be a failure.

2. The cost of ERP, its planning and implementation, customization, configuration, etc might be too much for lesser profit schools.

3. Most of the ERPs are difficult to learn and use.

Hence, we can see all educational institutions have got smarter these days by providing virtual classrooms. Sweedu provides you user-friendly smart class feature which is easily affordable. Get a free trial of Sweedu ERP Software for your Institutions today!