best school management software in kolkata
best school management software in kolkata

The education sector is gaining a rapid boost with technology. Schools are turning to edtech to make their education as easily available as possible. One such edtech is school ERP software. While we are discussing this, let’s see how to find the best school management software in Kolkata, how to implement it in your school and college, and how it is beneficial.

Kolkata is home to many reputed schools, colleges and universities like Jadavpur University, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, and many more.

With this rich plethora of options for education, students often expect a wide range of digital facilities. In today’s world where every industry is digitized using different software and online tools, it makes less sense for the education sector to stay away from digitization.

In this blog, we are going to learn about how you can find the best school management system in Kolkata, how to implement it in your school and college, and how it is beneficial.

What do you Need to Look for in School Management Software?

Every educational institution has different needs and accordingly they must choose their school management software. For example, if your school serves a larger student base then you may want to have a dedicated parent’s application for managing every student’s homework and other school-related tasks. Whereas, if your school has a limited number of students and want an offline solution then you may want a singular administrative solution for yourself.

While no one software is the best school management software, it all depends on whether the software you choose is able to fulfill your needs or not.

There are certain features and tools that every school management software must have. These features will help schools in Kolkata to provide better facilities to the students, parents, as well as the other stakeholders of the school.

Here’s a list of features that you must ensure before deciding upon buying a school management software.

Employee Management

The school administration needs to keep a detailed track of every employee of their school. The employee management allows you to manage and update all your employee records so that you have all the important information about every person you give a job to.

The employee management feature keeps all the data organized in a manner that is easy to sort through and retrieve whenever needed.

Student Management

Similar to employee management, the student management feature of school management software allows you to keep a track of all the information related to the students studying in your school.

This information can be personal, like name, age, address, parent’s phone number, etc. as well as academic, that is, standard/grade, marksheet of the recent test or exam, overall scores, etc.

Online Admission

Organizing admissions fair and managing the large number of entries can be a time-consuming and tiring ordeal. School management software offers you the online admission feature that helps you gather all the admissions online.

The parents or students can enter their details in the online admission forms and submit it directly to the school administration. All the submissions are gathered and organized automatically by the school management software so that the admin can easily shuffle through them and choose the eligible candidates for the admission.

Inventory Management

Inventory is one of the most important things of any educational institute. Using it optimally can help schools to optimize their overall expenses as well. Hence, it is important that you have a complete understanding of which stock is used the most, which products are going to waste, and which supplier offers you the best deals on your regular stocks.

The inventory management feature allows you to manage all this and more in a single interface.

Smart Class

In a world where people appreciate the flexibility of work, the same is also getting popular with students and their studies.

Online smart class and video tutorial features of the school management software allow schools to conduct online classes and share downloadable lecture videos so that students can learn at their own pace and from the comfort of their homes.

Benefits of Having the Right School Management Software

The new generation of Kolkata knows and appreciates the freedom of work that digital devices have given them. The school management software offers the same freedom to the students, teachers, school administrators, and parents.

It provides dedicated smartphone applications for parents and teachers so that they can manage their tasks related to the school with ease and effectiveness. The smartphone applications can help parents, students, and teachers to do their day-to-day tasks with features that can be accessed using their smartphone.

Teachers can take the attendance of every student using their phone, view their daily tasks, update their profile, assign a proxy, and send out homework to students who can download it from their parent’s smartphones and submit their work using the same application.

Apart from this, the school management software supports many smart integrations that help you manage your students and other stakeholders more easily. These smart integrations include:

  • Payment Gateway for online fees payment,
  • GPS integration for school vehicle tracking,
  • Biometric and RFID integration for automated student and employee attendance, and
  • WhatsApp integration to send important notifications to the parents, students, and the employees of your school.

The school management software along with the mobile application and smart integrations help schools and colleges in Kolkata to create a new and digitized learning atmosphere for students.
It offers flexibility, accessibility, and easy availability of necessary resources to the students, better teaching aid for teachers, easier management solutions for school administration, and better transparency for parents.

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Purchasing an online school management software is really easy and hassle-free. Start your free trial version of school management software to see how it fits your school’s education system and then you can choose from the different packages the software that suits your needs the best.

Or visit SWEEDU to find out more about school management software and other education solutions.

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