school management system questions
school management system questions

The current times have made it a compulsion for every educational institution to get digitized if it wants to sustain through this phase and keep providing quality services to the students as well as the parents.

This is the reason why many schools have already implemented school management software. However, there are still schools that are yet to implement it. Choosing the right school management software can be daunting especially if you are using it for the first time.

To relieve some of your worries, we will answer the 10 most frequently asked questions that range from how to choose the right school management software to the pricing of school management software.

Keep reading to get answers to your most pressing questions regarding school ERP software.

1. What is school management software?

School management software is a set of tools and functions that help different stakeholders of your school to reduce their workloads and improve their efficiency.

This includes everyone from school administration, teachers, parents, students to even hostel warden, receptionist, and the school bus driver.

The school management software offers various features for everyone like the online smart class for students and teachers, push notifications on school management mobile application for teachers and parents, employee and student management and fees management for the school administration, transport assistant for school bus drivers, visitor management for receptionist, hostel management for wardens, and many more.

All these features assist them to provide better efficiency and higher productivity to the entire school. It also elevates the education quality for every student giving them more flexibility to study at their pace with a higher understanding of every topic.

2. Is school management software compatible with playschools, boarding schools, and colleges/universities?

Any top school management software is easily able to scale up or scale down to match the needs of the educational institution whether it is a playschool, regular school, boarding school, or college/university.

This means that yes, the school management software is compatible with every educational institution irrespective of its size or type. The catch is to choose the school management software that can easily scale up or down as per your requirement.

It offers features that can be used by different educational institutions. While choosing the software for your institute, make sure that it has the features that you will require apart from the basic ones. For example, for a boarding school, having hostel management is absolutely necessary. The right school management software will allow you to add such features to your actual package as an add-on.

3. What is the best school management software?

The school management software that can provide all the necessary features and fulfill all your requirements is the best school management software for you. There is no one best-for-all school ERP software as the requirements for different schools vary.

For example, if yours is an educational institution with a lesser number of students, you may want a school management software that is able to manage the small number but also market the institution in a way that attracts more admissions to grow the institution.

So, looking through the list of features and understanding how every feature can help your school is very necessary. You can start a free trial of school management software to understand every available feature and then decide to buy it.

4. How much does a school management software cost?

School management software is available in different packages so that different institutions can choose the one that fulfills their requirements and fits in their budget.

The pricing may differ based on the deployment, per student plan, monthly plan, yearly play, and custom plan.

Schools and other educational institutions can check the specifications of every package and choose the ones that suit their needs the best. They can also choose to add other features to their default package as add-ons so that they only have to pay extra for the add-on instead of purchasing a completely different package.

Good school management software can range from ~2.5 INR/student/month to ~2000 INR/month. For most custom packages, the institute has to contact the school management software provider to get the custom pricing based on your requirement as an enterprise.

5. How do I choose school management software?

Choosing the right school management software needs a proper understanding of what features a school management software must have. Once you know what are the base features that every good school management software should have, you need to identify the ones that your school requires.

You can get this information from your staff, students, and parents. Gather their feedback and select what features your school needs. Accordingly, check out the features of the school management software available to you, see their packages, and shortlist the ones that fit your requirements.

Once you have done that, you can start a free trial of shortlisted school management software and choose the most user-friendly software for all the stakeholders of your school.

6. Why is school management software needed?

In the time and age where every sector is digitized, it is an irony that the education sector that molds tomorrow’s professionals does not implement digital tools to simplify and elevate the education system’s offerings.

Students now have gotten used to using technology to aid their studies. It is now high time for schools and teachers to do the same. Only then can teachers bring something new to the table instead of sticking to the old ways of teachings.

Moreover, school management software assists school admin, teachers, and students to streamline their work. It automates several of their tasks so that they get more time for other important things.

With the right school ERP software, schools can manage to do more work within a limited time hence increasing their productivity. This will eventually reflect in the school’s overall profits and benefits.

7. Is school management software an application?

School management software is a desktop software that also offers school management smartphone applications for parents, teachers, and school bus drivers/conductors.

Unlike school administration, teachers, parents, or school bus drivers cannot sit in front of the computer screen to manage their tasks.

Hence, choose the school management software provider that also offers smartphone applications so that these stakeholders can do their work more efficiently using only their smartphones.

All these applications are linked with the school management software so that no one outside of school is able to access the data of your school.

Check out this blog to know what features you must check for in the school ERP smartphone application.

8. Why should I choose SWEEDU?

SWEEDU school management software comes in different deployment options for educational institutions to choose from based on their needs. It is simple, secure, and easily upgradeable software that keeps your institute at the top with its various features for more than 10 profiles. These include school administration, teachers, students, parents, warden, receptionist, HOD, accountant, sports teacher, librarian, and driver.

Apart from that, SWEEDU offers dedicated support to the client so that no doubt remains unanswered. To ensure that your work is never compromised, SWEEDU offers online support.

With every update bringing in new tools and features, SWEEDU is updated regularly to keep the software at par with the latest innovations.

9. How is SWEEDU different from other school management software?

SWEEDU has earned the trust of more than 250 educational institutions with its user-friendly interface, simple and helpful features, and capability to serve all the stakeholders of the schools.

Unlike many other school ERPs that only offer features for admin, teacher, student, and parents, SWEEDU offers several features for other stakeholders as well. This helps the school to improve its productivity by bringing in everyone concerned.

And the best part is that SWEEDU offers all this at affordable pricing that allows every school to digitize itself very swiftly.

The marketing feature in the SWEEDU school ERP solution allows schools to market their institute to prospective students and parents. Hence, it also allows schools to attract more admissions to grow the school physically and financially.

10. What integrations does SWEEDU offer?

SWEEDU school management software offers a range of smart integrations that work to provide additional access and facility to its users. These integrations include the followings:

    • WhatsApp Integration – Allows school administration to send and receive important messages like notifications, fee payment reminders and confirmations, event reminders, exam schedules, homework documents, and many other things right to the parent’s or teacher’s smartphones.
    • Biometric and RFID Integration – Helps teachers and students to enter their attendance directly with either their fingerprint or their RFID card. This removes the hassle of taking daily or lecture-wise attendance and gives more time for teaching and learning.
    • Payment Gateway Integration – Allows parents to pay their child’s fees online using various online payment methods like UPI, online wallet, debit/credit card, net banking, or NEFT/RTGS. It reduces the hassle of going to the school premises to pay the school fees of their children.
    • GPS Integration – Gives accurate position of the school vehicle during transit to ensure student safety. The school and parents have access to the live position of the school bus so that if it faces any mishap, both the stakeholders will be informed immediately. From there, they can take due action to make sure that the students are safe and comfortable.
    • Conclusion

Choosing the right school management software for your school is as important as parents choosing the right school for their children. In the end, it should be able to improve the quality of education for the students and boost your school financially.

We have answered the 10 most frequently asked questions about school management softwareto help you reduce some workload in choosing the right software.

If you think you want to try out SWEEDU, then you can start your free trial of school management softwareand understand all the features that SWEEDU has to offer you. Only after getting the information must you decide to purchase the software.

Let us know if this information was helpful to you in the comments below. And if you know someone who can benefit from this, feel free to share this blog with them.

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