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Since last year, people have spent a lot of time on digital devices and technology that has allowed them to complete their work without having to leave their house. It is not an exaggeration to say that this time has taught many people how to use the latest technology whether it is using the internet safely on a smartphone or installing work software on the home computer. And since then, many people have realized the facility of using technology to simplify their everyday tasks. Similarly, schools that have implemented the school ERP software have reaped the benefits of it during this time, and now these schools have integrated the school ERP software into their regular classroom teaching and learning as well.

That being said, it is even more imperative now, in 2021, to implement school management software in your educational institution. In this blog, we will look at various effects and benefits of school management software for your school.

Why is school ERP softwares necessary for school in 2021?

Schools have a lot of processes, functions, and operations happening behind the scenes that keep the school running it smoothly. However, more often than not, these processes and operations are time-taking and financially hefty. This reduces the productivity of your school and that eventually affects your school’s profits.

School management software works to automate and assist the various stakeholders of your school. It takes care of the administrative tasks making them fast and more accurate. It also assists in teaching, it gives added facility to the students and faster and more effective communication with the parents.

With that said, let’s check out the different effects and benefits of using school management software in 2021.

Effects and benefits of using School ERP Softwares

There are many benefits of using school management software for your school. Ranging from automating administrative tasks to helping in teaching and learning and student safety in and around school premises.

Let’s see how these benefits affect your school and its students.

Increases overall productivity

As mentioned earlier, the school management software offers many features like student and employee management to manage their data more efficiently and paperlessly. It offers fee management to manage the fee data of every student more accurately.

Not only that but it also offers accounts management, inventory management, announcements and notifications, and many other features that optimize your school’s expenses and increase its profit margin while improving its productivity and service to the studenfeatures like online admissions, school ERP automates the entire admission process from online admission form gathering to filing the gathered data into an understts and their parents.

It reduces the time school administration takes to manage and maintain school records manually. With andable and easily retrievable database.

Similarly, it also automates processes like fee management with the help of payment gateway integration, attendance with biometric or RFID integration, and many other important tasks giving you additional time to focus on other tasks hence increasing your productivity.

Provides learning flexibility

The school management software comes with different features for the students of your school. Some of them are video tutorials, online smart classes, and homework management.

These features allow students to never miss an important class and learn at their own pace. While online smart classes allow teachers to conduct online classes that the students can join from their parent’s smartphone, the video tutorials and homework management features allow them to download learning resources from the panel. This allows them to learn offline with lecture videos and homework resources at their disposal at any time they want.

This gives students time to understand each concept and topic at their pace without cramming it only for the sake of studies.

Improves teaching standard

Teachers who have to turn to online teaching so suddenly often feel confused as to how to improve teaching and learning for students while teaching through a screen. However, the features that the school management software provides allow teachers to use their innovation to conduct classes innovatively.

Teachers can either choose to teach online through smart classes or give out video resources through video tutorials that allow students to view the lecture offline after downloading the video tutorials.

Teachers can share homework resources with students through homework management and also accept their submissions from the same interface. The task management feature from the school management mobile application for teachers allows them to go through their tasks more efficiently when they already know what they need to do for the day.

Provides greater transparency

School management software offers different integrations to go with the software. These integrations provide added facilities for the users of school ERP. Integrations like payment gateway and WhatsApp messenger allow parents to connect with the schools.

Schools can send all the important communication to the parents and teachers using WhatsApp integration. They can use it to send fee reminders, event invites, field trip notifications, exam reports, class discipline reports, and much other communication directly to the parent’s smartphone.

This way, they can keep the parents updated about their child’s academic progress without waiting for the parent-teacher meetings.

Similarly, the payment gateway integration allows parents to pay school fees directly through their phones. No waiting in long queues or carrying cash all the way to the school. The payment gateway methods allow parents to pay school fees using online wallet, UPI, internet banking, credit/debit card, or NEFT/RTGS payment.

This keeps a virtual record of the transaction with the parents along with the receipt sent by the school. This transparency leads to parents trusting your school more.

Allows seamless communication

As mentioned in the earlier point, school erp softwares offers WhatsApp integration that allows the school admin to send and receive messages in real-time with the speed and connectivity of WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp integration, school admin can send multimedia as well. This includes event posters, lecture videos, child progress report pdf, prose narration recording, event venue location pin, and even field trip registration link.

The school admin can send such communication to not just the parents but also the teachers and students (if they have a number registered at their school).

Apart from WhatsApp integration, the school management software offers you a set number of SMS for sending offline messages to your school parents and teachers. You can decide to increase the number of free SMSes by contacting the software provider to keep sending offline SMS to the students, parents, and teachers.

To keep parents and teachers notified of what is happening with the school, the school administration can also send push notifications on the school management mobile application for parents and teachers.

Parents and teachers will get a notification on their smartphone applications as soon as the announcement is made by the school administration. However, the school must opt for the android/iOS mobile application while purchasing the school management software.


What are the benefits of using school management software?

The school management software automates several everyday tasks required to run the school smoothly. It offers assistance to the school administration, teachers, students, and every other stakeholder of the school to complete their work faster and with more efficiency.

Using school management software will help the school not only save on their time and effort but also optimize their expenses to increase the profit margin.

What is the scope of school management software?

The school management software is useful for teachers, students, school administration, as well as parents. With the current times, using school management software is no longer an option but a necessity to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies in the education sector.

Schools in India have realized this and hence many schools have already implemented school ERP software in their education system.

What is an online school management system?

The school management software or school management system that needs an active internet connection to access the portal/panel is the online school management system.

The most important benefit of using online school management software is the flexibility it allows its users to access their account from any device with only a user ID and password.


The past two years have made the use of technology in the field of education imperative. For your school to stay on top it is necessary that you use the right tools and software that will help all the stakeholders at your school and make their work more efficient and faster. School ERP can help you achieve that.

It offers you solutions for online classes, remote teaching, cashless fee transactions, online admissions, digitized management of school employee and student records, contact-less attendance, and many such facilities to ensure better productivity of your school and higher quality of education.

If you are yet to implement it in your school, then start a free trial of school erp softwares and see how it can be helpful for you and others at your school.

Let us know your thoughts on using school ERP software for your educational institution in the comments below. And if you think that this information may help someone you know then be sure to share it with them.



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