At some point when an education institution has a robust School Management Software it generally helps the administration to create Online/Offline examinations for the students and support them to deal with the entire examination process effectively. Sweedu ERP is equipped for performing a extensive variety of functionalities related to Examination and much more for outstanding education to students. Effective learning always needs a transparent examination. It is the only method by which we can measure the efficiency of a student.

Online examination is trendy in today’s e-learning education. It comes with various advantages, mainly offers instantaneous results and a paperless Eco-friendly way of examination. By using this feature, a student can attend an objective-based short examination. Each and every online exam schedules with its time and date. Both parents and students can attend the examination by Sweedu mobile applications or by the web portal.

By our offline Exam feature, the school or college management provides class wise Exam schedules and also generates examination scorecards. Here teachers are allowed to feed marks of its students based on subjects manually or directly by importing from the database. The features also offer detailed exam records, status, and statistics. All the exam detailed information and results are availed to the students and their parents by respective login profiles provided to them.

Thinking why Sweedu’s Online/Offline examination management feature is best?

1.Easy Operation Functionalities for Teachers:

Much of their time is saved. It is the obligation of the teachers to perform different duties for the examinations process and one of them is figuring out the total marks scored by the students in their respective exams. If a school utilizes Sweedu – the Cloud-Based School Management System, then they need not worry about figuring out the marks of the students. With sweedu they can easily conduct an examination, update students’ scorecards, and that can easily be seen to parents on their mobiles.

2. Report Generation:

Schools can make reports for different examinations in a limited ability to focus on time and cut short their workload. It is advantageous for the students and additionally, they don’t need to wait for ages to get to know how they performed in the last examination. An institution can simply make individualized reports for students and check how well they are progressing.
Sweedu can likewise create reports that contain point by point detailed stats and charts of students’ overall performance.

3. Data Storage:

There is adequate storage space as they can store a great deal of information here without a risk that it might get lost later on. They can likewise return and view the reports the same number of times as they need.

4. Student Panel:

The best benefit for the students is that they can give tests from anywhere in the world at a given test time. The student has to login and gives the test at a given time. The result is generated automatically. The students can compare the results with other students and can improve upon their performances by analyzing the time taken for solving questions and compare the same with the scores of toppers. The chances of error in the evaluation as well as in results is minimized.

5. Advanced School Management Apps

: Most of the educational institutions have started online classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Educational institutions are operating with minimum staff. Fortunately, education ERP solutions such as Sweedu, helps the admin team organize sessions, monitor attendance, conduct post-module assessments, and communicate results with parents as well.

Some of the ERP system features can easily be accessed via sweedu’s teachers and parents app. If you need a team of professionals to help you choose and deploy the best suitable School management ERP, for your institution, you should definitely get in touch with Sweedu. Sweedu has earned a superb reputation due to its school management software and parent-teacher communication apps that are helping several renowned schools in the country.

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