student information system
student information system

Nowadays, operating an educational institute without the aid of digital school management software is almost next to impossible. Whether it be students, teachers, administrators, or parents, everyone in your educational system is used to getting their work done faster with software or an app. When most of the services and even products are now available online, the Student Information System (SIS) is one tool that allows you to manage all the student-related information for your school.

Students and their parents are used to getting all the information that they want at their fingertips, however, if your school is still working traditionally and asking them to visit the premises whenever they need student information, then it will not be long till parents and students choose the schools that offer them digital solutions for such small but important things.

This is why the school ERP software that offers you an SIS is necessary to be implemented in your school. It offers you many other modules along with SIS to help your school, its staff, students, and parents.

This blog will explore different advantages that a student information system offers the students as well as the school.

What is a Student Information System?

A student information system is a set of tools to manage every detail related to the students and their academics in school. Right from the time they are enrolled in your school till they graduate or change schools, the SIS stores their personal details and school records created over time.

This information is available to the parents, teachers, school administrators, and the students themselves. The main agenda of an SIS is to provide accurate data to all the stakeholders so that they can make informed decisions about the student’s future as well as improve their quality of education as per student requirements.

Advantages of a Student Information System

The student management or information system in school ERP software offers different features for the students and the school to manage various aspects of the academic journey of the student at your school.

Here are some of the top advantages of implementing the school ERP software with the student information system.

Centralized Database for Student Management

The online admission software in school ERP gathers student data upon admissions and stores it in a centralized database. This database constantly updates with every exam grade, mark sheet, attendance record, and curricular or extracurricular achievement of the student.

The SIS in school ERP works along with the online admission system to keep this data updated. This allows easier management of every student’s data. The school administrator can easily access the student data or retrieve it whenever needed.

Cloud-based Server for Data Safety

The online student information system stores all the student data on a cloud-based server in an encrypted format to keep it safe from breach or loss. Storing data on the cloud server also ensures that your data is immediately backed up. This means that even if your hardware is damaged or lost, you can still access all the student data from your account’s user ID and password.

You do not have to worry about modifying your computer storage as all your data will be present on the server.

Partial Access for Increased Security

Student data should be confidential and accessed by only authorized personnel at your school. That is why the SIS in school ERP software allows partial access to important stakeholders.

For example, if it is the subject teacher, they will only be able to access the basic details of the student necessary for attendance and grades of that subject. The teacher will not be able to access any other information of the student from their account.

Only the school administration, students, and their parents have complete access to the student’s information available on the system.

Student Access

Students can also access the student information system to know about their academic progress and other details about their time at the school.

This includes their personal details submitted to the school, academic grades and past mark sheets, school schedules, and similar other information. When teachers upload their class or online/offline exam schedule, students can simply log in to their accounts and access them from any device they want.

Similarly, the other modules of the school ERP software allow students to access their online and offline homework, give online exams, and attend online classes all through one single account.

Streamlined Communication

The information that the SIS in school management software stores is selectively available to different entities of your school. That being said, the school ERP also offers various ways to communicate information from one stakeholder to another.

Mainly, the administrator can send all the important notifications and reminders regarding student fees, student results, and student attendance directly to the parents either via WhatsApp, SMS, or the mobile application for students/parents.

This simplifies the communication between the school and the parents/students. The administration can easily send fees reminders, result declaration alerts, absenteeism notifications, and so much more to the parents.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, selective access provides teachers with all the necessary information about the students and their academics that can allow them to help the students better.

Improved Overall Efficiency

The student information system offers so many tools for the students, parents, school administration, and teachers that it essentially reduces a lot of legwork for all of them. It reduces their time and resources spent on maintaining the data, updating it, and sharing it with important stakeholders.

The students and parents get all the information about the academics and the student’s progress right from their smartphones. School administration can keep a complete record of every student’s academic journey right from the moment they enroll into the school till they graduate or leave it.

With improved optimization of time and other resources, the school administration can focus on other important tasks and complete them with higher efficiency.


What does the student information system do?

An SIS allows the school to store all the academic information regarding every student that ever attended their educational institution.

What are the benefits of the student information system?

As listed above these are the benefits you get when you implement school ERP software with SIS:

  • Centralized database for student management
  • Cloud-based server for data safety
  • Partial access for increased security
  • Student access
  • Streamlined communication
  • Improved overall efficiency

Why is the information system important in education?

The information system in school management software provides accurate information to the parents and teachers about a student’s academics and their progress. It provides students all the information for their learning processes.

Apart from that, it also gives complete and accurate information about the teaching-learning, financial, and administerial aspects of the school to the administration. This helps in making informed decisions about the future of the school, its budget, curriculum, etc.


The school management software with a student information system offers many tools and modules to help your school function more efficiently and profitably. The SIS, in particular, is helpful in maintaining every student’s personal and academic information records.

Implement the school ERP software for free with the trial version and see how it improves your educational institute’s overall productivity and profit.

Are there any other benefits of SIS that you would like to point out? Let us know in the comments below. If you liked the blog, consider sharing it with your peers on social media.







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