Best Online Classes in India Using School ERP Software What are th benefits

Online classes in India have become a norm during the pandemic and two years from then, students and teachers have gotten used to it. Schools too have added a pattern for offline and online classes to ensure flexibility for the students. Parents too have started looking for schools that offer the best online classes in India so that their child’s studies are always seamless.

However, there remains a question. How do you define the best online classes?

An understandable and quite valid explanation includes efficient teaching paired with the right tools to make the online learning environment as intuitive as possible for the students. Feel free to share your definition of the best online classes in the comments below.

In this blog, we will be looking at how school ERP Software can offer you all the right tools that will help you conduct the best online classes in your region. Also, we will understand why it is necessary to implement school management software in your school for online classes.

But before that, let us check out the difference between normal online classes and online live classes provided by the school management system.

Online Live Classes With School ERP
Other Online Classes

School ERP Management Software
Regular Online Group Video Chat App

✔ Automatically communicates the live class schedule as soon as you create one.

✔ Tells you the exact time when students join and leave your class.

✔ Enables live whiteboard teaching for easier concept understanding.

✔ Allows live polls and document sharing during an online class.

✔ Shows you which student is speaking by highlighting.

✖ You need to send the live class link separately to each student.

✖ May or may not show student join status.

✖ You’ll have to use a physical whiteboard and pray it is visible to your students.

✖ You’ll have to use a separate tool to share documents.

✖ You have to guess who is speaking.

The table shows all the facilities important to conduct a streamlined class online. Ordinary online classes need separate software to take care of tasks related to live online classes but are not online classes. For example, for homework assignments, real-time doubt solving, or class polls/quizzes will need another application or software. Students will have to switch between different applications or browser tabs to simply view the study material provided to them.

With a school ERP system, you can get all this information in one interface. Let’s check out what benefits using a school ERP management software offers for your online classes.

Ensures all students are connected

For online classes through a video conference the teacher needs to send the joining link for each class to every student to ensure that they will connect to them for the live class. In this case, the message can be missed by the student or the teacher may skip a student unknowingly.

This results in students missing the online class without meaning to. Sending the link in the group also becomes a problem when there are too many messages following the link. One may not notice the class link in the long string of messages.

A school ERP offers a separate module for the online class with a highlighted button for joining the class.

Allows real-time doubt-solving

Students are more likely to ask a question when the topic is still fresh in their minds. This means when they will ask questions right when the lesson is ongoing. However, when there are two or more students with their microphones on, it is hard to figure out who asked the question.

Or if the students have kept their microphones off, there is no way for them to ask the question directly.

Using a school ERP management software with the online live class solves this problem. It offers students a live chat option through which they can ask questions to their teacher while the class is ongoing without turning their microphone on.

And if the microphones are on, the teacher will know who spoke as the indicating highlight turns on around the speaker every time they speak or create any sound.

Provides more features intuitive to online classes

While online classes are different from offline classes, teachers have to ensure that the students receive quality education and do not slack off simply because the teacher isn’t in the room.

That is why school management software offers you all the right features that help teachers and students. These features help students to learn in a more interactive and natural virtual environment as compared to online video calling apps.

Because of this, online classes for students as well as teachers become easier to handle.

Allows teachers to send lesson materials during the class

In an offline class when teachers are teaching they often distribute lesson or course materials to their students for reference while learning. Offline classes through video calls do not allow that without using an external application or website.

However, when you are using school management software, you can send document files, images, or videos to the students as the reference material for the lesson. You do not have to change tabs or use any other software or tool for this either.

Shows upcoming online classes timetable

Normally, even if the online class timetable is shared with the students, it often gets lost in the sea of messages till the next online class. While sending the class timetable on WhatsApp is a good idea to reach all of your students at once, you may need to send it several times so that it is not mixed with other messages.

A robust school management ERP often gives an online classes app for students. With this app, they can view the upcoming online classes without having to scroll through hundreds of messages every day.

This allows the students to prepare for the online classes beforehand.


Which is the best online class in India?

While many online video platforms that you can use to conduct an online class, the live online class module within a school ERP software is the best. The school software already offers modules and features important for the studies and management of educational tasks.

With the online class feature, other important tools are linked to give you a complete online class experience without having to switch between different tabs or interfaces.

Which app is the best for online classes in India?

It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for an app for self-study, then you can find many free and paid apps for it that you can try and choose from.

However, if you are looking for an app that is integrated with your school and works with the lessons and subjects taught specifically in your school, then the school management app is the best for you.

It is integrated with the school ERP software so that any updates and changes that your school or school teacher makes are automatically communicated to you.

Which school is best for online classes?

Schools that use school ERP software offer a smooth and streamlined online class experience to their students. A quick search will show you if the school you are thinking of sending your child to uses school management software or not.


Students, parents, and schools have gotten used to online classes in India due to the long lockdown forced by the pandemic. That being said, people have also started to see the advantages that online classes can offer students.

A balance between online and offline classes is the best approach that many schools in India have adopted to teach their students. That is why it becomes very important to choose the right online class solution for your children and students.

A school management system offers multiple features in its online live class module that provide you the following benefits:

  • Ensures all students are connected
  • Allows real-time doubt-solving
  • Provides more features intuitive to online classes
  • Allows teachers to send lesson materials during the class
  • Shows upcoming online classes timetable

Apart from these, it also offers many other advantages for the teachers and students.

You can explore these tools and their benefits by simply getting a free school management software trial. It will also allow you to understand the software you want to integrate into your school before paying the amount.

What are your thoughts on live online classes in India? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you think this information was helpful, feel free to share it with your friends and those who may find it just as helpful.

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