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Ensuring student safety at the educational institution is important for institution. One part of it is taking regular attendance of every student as well as the staff. While many schools have a biometric system in place for recording regular staff attendance, most schools still take student attendance manually. For such institutions, the student attendance management system is a useful module in school ERP software.

Traditionally, school teachers are used to taking attendance at the start of the day by marking present or absent against each student’s name in the attendance register. The tiny boxes can often mix up leading to errors.

Moreover, it takes up a lot of important time in the class that teachers can use for teaching and learning.

In this blog, we will see how the student attendance management system in school ERP can help schools to improve their work efficiency, and accuracy, and give them a little more time to offer their best to their students.

What is a Student Attendance Management System?

A student attendance management system is a module in school ERP software that allows school administrators and teachers to take student and staff attendance digitally. It offers an intuitive attendance interface for effortless manual marking or if the school wants, automatic attendance marking with integrations like biometric machines or RFID reader gateway.

While there are also standalone student attendance management systems, buying the ones that are a part of school management ERP software are allow you to sync all the changes you make in one module with others.

Advantages of student attendance management system

Student attendance management system in school ERP software offers many different benefits to its users however, the most important one is time-saving. Using student attendance management digitizes the way you take student attendance and reduces the time it takes to complete the process.

Furthermore, it improves the accuracy of attendance marking so that fewer errors are made. It allows teachers to mark student attendance daily as well as lecture-wise. Here are some of the advantages of using student attendance management in your daily school routine.

  • It offers faster and more accurate attendance.
  • It saves time and resources needed to take attendance physically.
  • It allows you to send notifications to the parents if the student is absent hence ensuring their safety.
  • It keeps a record of student attendance and creates a daily and monthly report so you know who remains absent more often.

School management software like SWEEDU School ERP allows schools to integrate external hardware devices to automate student attendance, for example, biometric machines or RFID reader gateway.

There are additional benefits for the schools using integrated hardware devices for student and staff attendance.

Here’s how adding a biometric system or RFID reader gateway can be advantageous for your school:

  • It automates student and staff attendance so no manual work is required to complete daily or lecture-wise attendance.
  • It reduces the chances of errors in marking attendance
  • It accelerates the process of attendance-taking at your school.
  • Improves security at your school so that no one enters it without being noticed by the admin.
  • It adds to the student’s safety by letting their parents know when the student has entered and exited the campus.
  • Lecture-wise attendance allows teachers to know when a student has left school halfway through.

5 Things to Know While Selecting an Attendance Management System

How do you know if the student attendance management system is the right one for you? To answer this question, you need to look for answers to the following questions.

  • Is it user-friendly?
  • What features does it offer you?
  • Does it integrate external hardware devices?
  • Can it generate reports to map out absenteeism?

And similar other questions.

Based on the answers you get, here are the top 5 things you should know about your student attendance management system.

It should be user-friendly and mobile-friendly

While user-friendliness of the system is necessary for smoother functioning, no teacher will be able to take their computer around to take student attendance. Hence, the module must be easily accessible through their smartphones.

The mobile-friendliness of the system module increases its accessibility. Teachers can then take attendance digitally through their smartphones at the beginning of their day or lecture.

Prefer a cloud-based student attendance management system

If you are taking attendance digitally of each student in every class, imagine how much data it will create regularly. If your student attendance management system is on-premise and offline, this will use up a lot of space on your computer system. This, in turn, will slow your system down and may lead to a crash with all your important data damaged or lost.

That is why the student attendance management system in online cloud-based school management software is necessary.

It not only helps with keeping your data in online storage but also keeps it encrypted and safe from any online attacks, thefts, or leaks.

Easy-to-use for teachers

The system will be primarily used by teachers to conduct student attendance regularly. Hence, you must choose a school ERP that offers a user-friendly student attendance system. The student attendance management system should be easy-to-use for the teachers to mark student attendance with ease.

Communication with the parents

Along with teachers, parents too want to know their child’s attendance record in the school. This not only keeps them in the loop of their child’s punctual habits but also increases student security.

In case the student is absent from the class, the school attendance system in school ERP software allows you to send a notification to the parents. This way, if the student is absent without the knowledge of parents, they can take protective actions sooner.

Attendance reports

Reports of student attendance are important to identify patterns of absenteeism in students. It will allow the teacher to know which student remains most absent and accordingly, they can take the action to ensure better attendance.

Check to see if the student attendance management system gives you the reports of student attendance. This will make your work much easier as you will know at a glance whether the student needs special attention because of their absenteeism or not.


 1. What is a student attendance management system?

A student attendance management system is a tool to monitor student attendance digitally in schools and other educational institutions. It often is a part of the larger software – school management ERP software wherein it works with other modules to give your school the ease of automation and better management.

2. What is an online attendance management system?

An online attendance management system uses a cloud server to host your software and store the data securely. An online student attendance management system allows teachers to take attendance on their smartphones using only their user ID and password.

This means that the teacher does not have to use the computer to take student attendance and they can monitor it from wherever they want.

3. How beneficial is an automated attendance management system for schools?

Imagine how much time you spend taking daily attendance that you can use for teaching and learning. Automated attendance management systems at schools help you attain it without having to worry about errors.

The school ERP software integrates a biometric system or an RFID gateway to automate student and employee attendance. It also increases your school’s security as it will not allow anyone that does not match the stored database details.


A student attendance management system ensures student attendance, brings notice to unusual student absenteeism, and increases student security all while giving more facility to the teachers. It accelerates how attendance is taken daily as well as lecture-wise.

Want to experience using the student attendance management system on your own? Take a free trial of school management ERP software. It will help you to know what additional features you get with attendance management.

How would you use the extra time if school attendance is automated? Let us know in the comments below and if you liked the blog, be sure to share it with others who may find it useful.

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