Attendance Management

Attendance Management 

Student and staff attendance is of utmost importance for any educational institution. It helps teachers to understand how much syllabus a student has attended. This gives them an estimate on how well they will perform in exams without extra lessons.

On the other hand, staff attendance makes calculating their salary easier for the school administration. With the Attendance module in SWEEDU School ERP Software, schools and other educational institutions can easily manage school attendance.

With Biometric or RFID integration, the complete attendance process becomes automated, which means no manpower is needed to keep a track of every person’s attendance.

Benefits of Attendance Module in SWEEDU School ERP

The attendance system in SWEEDU school ERP software offers many different benefits for its users. Some of the major ones include:

  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Faster attendance
  • More time for studies
  • Process automation
  • Cloud data storage

And more…

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attendence management system in sweedu school erp software