Attendance Management

Attendance Management 

Looking to streamline the Attendance management system in your educational institution? The Attendance module in SWEEDU School ERP Software has got you covered! Here’s how it works:

Teachers can easily track and record student attendance on a daily and lecture-wise basis. Biometric or RFID integration automates the attendance process, eliminating the need for manual tracking. With biometric integration, students can simply register their fingerprints to be marked as present.

Benefits of the Attendance module:

    • Streamlines attendance management and saves time for teachers and administrative staff.
    • Eliminates errors and inaccuracies in attendance records.
    • Increases accountability and transparency in attendance tracking.
    • Reduces the risk of fraudulent attendance reporting.
    • Provides real-time visibility into attendance data for parents, students, and staff.

Incorporating the Attendance module into your school or educational institution’s ERP system can help you effectively manage attendance and improve overall efficiency. Read more about RFID Integration in SWEEDU School ERP Softwar

attendence management system in sweedu school erp software