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Smart Integrations in SWEEDU

Manage your school more efficiently with the smart integrations in your SWEEDU School Management Software. Each of these advanced integrations connects seamlessly with SWEEDU to give you more convenience and ease of using the school management software.

WhatsApp Messaging Integration

SWEEDU offers you WhatsApp integration to help you connect with all the stakeholders at your educational institution at a faster speed and with richer messages that include downloadable images, videos, audio, documents, and even location.

With WhatsApp Integration there are many things that you will be able to do faster than before. They include sending:

WhatsApp fees notification

✔️ Homework Resources
✔️ Event Notifications
✔️ Fees Reminders
✔️ Student Progress Reports
✔️ Exam & Other Details
✔️ And any other notifications

SWEEDU School Management Software with WhatsApp Integration provides you faster communication with your teachers and parents and gives you more transparency for increased trust in your educational institution.

GPS School Bus Tracking

Gone are the days when you had to wonder whether your child reached school safely or not. With the GPS Bus Tracking integration in SWEEDU School Management Software, schools can track the school bus during transit to ensure the safety of every student.

The school and parents can track the bus in real-time with the Global Positioning System (GPS). It not only allows you to see what route the bus takes to pick and drop off the students but also lets you create a specific most optimal route to and from school.

Here is why you need the GPS Bus Tracking integration:

✔️ Real-time bus location.
✔️ No need to wait at the bus stop.
✔️ Alerts when it is time to pick up or drop off the student.
✔️ Track every school bus separately.
✔️ Know which path the school bus follows.

Ensure student safety at all times, whether it is within the school or while arriving or leaving school.


Payment Gateway Integration for Faster Fees Payment

While SWEEDU School Management Software offers online admission for a faster admission process, students and parents still have to stand in line to pay the school fees… Unless they use the payment gateway integration.

A payment gateway helps you to make and accept payments online without having to physically go to the place or a bank to pay. When integrated with SWEEDU School Management Software, it allows parents to pay their child’s school fees whenever they want and from wherever they are. They do not have to carry cash with them or stand in a long line to pay the fees.

The Payment Gateway can be used to receive fees using:


✔️ UPI
✔️ Internet Banking
✔️ Online Wallet
✔️ Credit/Debit Card

Integrating Payment Gateway in your SWEEDU School Management Software allows you to receive payments directly to your school’s account in the bank. It makes the payment process faster, more secure, and incredibly convenient.

Biometric Integration

At SWEEDU, we constantly try to add new features and integrations to make your school operation as convenient and fast as possible. Biometrics is one such integration that accelerates the process of attendance in your school.

With Biometric Integration in SWEEDU School Management Software, all the attendance that your biometric machine registers are automatically reflected in your school management software. It can be used for Teachers’ as well as students’ attendance.

To help you integrate and use biometric attendance features without any hitch, we recommend using genuine SWEEDU Biometric machines that are created exclusively for SWEEDU School Management Software.


SMS Integration

SMS is one of the fastest ways of sending important messages to anyone you want. With SMS integration in SWEEDU school management software, schools can easily send and receive messages to the teachers, staff, and parents. It doesn’t need an active internet connection and can be used to communicate small important messages within a few seconds.

With SWEEDU SMS integration, schools can choose to send promotional or service messages to the parents, students, or staff. Using bulk SMS service, you can easily send one message to multiple people using various variables to personalize it.

Ensure all your important announcements reach your students & staff members by integrating SMS in your SWEEDU School Management Software.

While you can get a Bulk SMS as a standalone service, integrating it with the SWEEDU School ERP Software can help you manage your conversation and messages in a single place.

Here are all the benefits of integrating SMS services with your SWEEDU School ERP Software.

  • Send quick messages to a larger number of people right through the SWEEDU web panel.
  • Personalize each of your messages for every receiver.
  • Send birthday messages, announcements, event invitations, and more, directly to your staff & student’s phone.
  • Ensure that your messages reach the receivers regardless of whether they have an active internet connection or not.

ID Cards

Ensure the safety of your students and staff with SWEEDU’s comprehensive campus security solution. 

Our range of completely customizable ID cards, including PVC and RFID options, that can be created with digital, inkjet, or chemical printing match your institution’s unique branding and protect the campus at all times.

Here is why you need ID cards in an educational institution:

    • Identify people within the school premises.
    • Prevent unauthorized access.
    • Automated attendance tracking using ID cards with barcodes/RFID chips.
    • ID cards can serve as library cards.
    • Help emergency responders identify students/staff in emergencies.
    • Restrict access to specific areas.
    • Track and manage student information.

UHF Gate

A UHD (Ultra High Definition) Gate is a type of security hardware that detects, tracks, and identifies individuals entering and exiting a premises. 

UHD Gate is a cutting-edge technology hardware that leverages advanced technology to streamline and enhance the security measures of educational institutions. 

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, UHD Gate is an ideal solution for educational institutions looking to upgrade their security measures and ensure the safety of their students, staff, and premises.


Here is why you need UHD Gate in an educational institution:

      • Secure schools from threats with restricted entry and real-time monitoring.
      • Quick response to incidents with customized alerts for suspicious behavior.
      • UHD gates as a cost-effective deterrent to potential security threats.

RFID Reader Scanner

RFID Reader Scanner technology offers educational institutions a comprehensive and efficient means of managing and tracking attendance, assets, and resources, thereby improving overall productivity and security within the institution.

Here is why you need RFID Reader Scanner in an educational institution:

    • Streamlined attendance management with automatic RFID tag recording.
    • Enhanced security with RFID ID card tracking of students and staff.
    • Asset tracking with RFID tags for easy inventory management.
    • Automated library management with RFID book tags for check-in/out and inventory.
    • Improved access control to restricted areas using RFID tags.
rfid chip

CCTV Camera

CCTV cameras have become an essential tool for ensuring the safety in educational institutions. 

With the increasing number of threats to the safety of students and staff, having a comprehensive surveillance system in place can provide peace of mind to parents and school administrators alike.

cctv cemera

Here are some ways in which CCTV cameras can benefit an educational institution:

      • Deter criminal activity and provide evidence in case of incidents.
      • Prevent unauthorized access and protect against theft or vandalism.
      • Respond quickly to emergencies and ensure safety.
      • Keep track of student and staff movement, minimizing bullying and harassment.
      • Maintain discipline in classrooms and common areas.
      • Ensure staff responsibility and efficiency.
      • Keep a record of all activities for future reference and analysis.

Authentication Management

Authentication management maintains security and privacy in educational institutions. It involves the use of various techniques and tools to ensure that only authorized users are granted access to sensitive information and resources. 

Here are some benefits of authentication management for educational institutions:

      • Protects sensitive data and resources from unauthorized access
      • Helps prevent data breaches and identity theft
      • Ensures compliance with data protection regulations and laws
      • Helps track and monitor user activity on the network
      • Allows for centralized management of user identities and access permissions
      • Simplifies the process of granting or revoking access to resources

Visitor Management

Visitor management is essential for ensuring safety and security in educational institutions. By managing visitor access and their movements, this system will help prevent unauthorized access and maintain a safe learning environment. 

With advanced features like pre-registration and automatic notifications, visitor management systems provide a convenient and efficient way to manage visitors in educational institutions.


Here are some benefits of visitor management for educational institutions:

    • Enhance security by tracking entry of visitors
    • Reduce wait times with streamlined check-in process
    • Monitor and restrict access to specific areas of the school
    • Maintain a record of visitors for reference and analysis.