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Audio Commanding

With this feature, you will be able to use your voice to manage the software and command it to do specific tasks.

This feature will allow your stakeholders to multitask and save time.

Check back for the latest updates on the Audio Commanding feature in SWEEDU School ERP Software.


Need extra printed/non-printed lanyards for your institution? We will soon be adding digital printed and normal printed/non-printed lanyards to our hardware range.

Check back for the latest updates on the Lanyards for institutions in SWEEDU School ERP Software.

RFID Report

RFID Gateway

We are soon going to introduce UHF Gateway for RFID card scanning to our hardware range related to education management.

Using the UHF gateway, schools can register student and employee attendance as they walk into the campus. No longer will the class teachers have to spend time taking student attendance in their class.

We already have a Biometric system in place for fingerprint-based attendance.

Check back for the latest updates on the RFID UHF Gateway in SWEEDU School ERP Software.

Digital Whiteboard

Digital Whiteboard will help teachers to explain complex concepts online similar to how they would use a physical whiteboard to simplify science concepts or math problems.

This will increase interaction between the teacher and students on the virtual platform.

Check back for the latest updates on the Digital Whiteboard feature in SWEEDU School ERP Software.

Digital WhiteBoard
Learning Management

Learning Management

Where features are available for students to manage their learning resources, with this update, they will be brought under a single module.

This will help students to manage their learning process without jumping modules and features in the SWEEDU School ERP Software.

Check back for the latest updates on Learning Management Module in SWEEDU School ERP Software.

AR/VR support

With the integration of augmented reality and virtual reality, we plan on creating a life-like virtual class and meeting experience from the comfort of your home. 

We will also be improving inter-connectivity within the members attending the class or meeting so that you can connect with them in a more virtually intuitive setting.

Check back for the latest updates on AR/VR support in SWEEDU School ERP Software.

AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot

This upcoming feature will be students’ personal study assistant. With the AI-powered chatbot, students can get answers to their educational questions by simply asking them.

This will bring a huge database of education to your smartphone that can be accessed whenever the student wants.

Check back for the latest updates on the AI Chatbot feature in SWEEDU School ERP Software.

Bookstore Management

Bookstore management is a module that will be introduced to manage offline in-house bookstores of the educational institution.

Check back for the latest updates on Bookstore Management Module in SWEEDU School ERP Software.

Bookstore Management
canteen management

Canteen Management

We will soon be introducing a feature-packed module for educational institutions to manage their canteens and hostel mess.

With the new canteen management module, you will be able to manage kitchen inventory, suppliers’ lists, accounts, food tokens, and more.

Check back for the latest updates on Canteen Management Module in SWEEDU School ERP Software.

Visitor App

This SWEEDU Smartphone app is created to keep records of school visitors. It allows you to take student attendance as they walk in the school doors.

Using the applications, you can also register the visitor details like their name, purpose of visit, person they are visiting, and photograph.

While the module was already present in the web panel, the smartphone application is made to allow remote management of visitors at the front gates of your educational institute’s campus.

sweedu visitor Mobile Application
Sweedu school Adminitrator Mobile Application

Owner/Administrator App

The SWEEDU Administrator application is a complete owner/administrator app for schools. It allows the chief administrator to receive work status and reports of student admissions, employee tasks, admission inquiries received, accounting reports, and more.

It will also allow the owner or administrator to connect with the staff and students using their smartphone to send notifications and messages.

Admin Authentication

This new feature aims to improve data security in the software. The feature will allow the school administrator to choose what information is shared with the teachers and staff of your school.

The school admin can choose which modules each teacher and staff member can access with their account. This gives complete control to the school administrator of the educational institution.


Fees Structure Simplified

New updates have been introduced in the fees management module of SWEEDU School ERP Software to simplify the process of fees collection and distribution among different fee sections.

This will improve how paid fees are distributed among the fee sections of your school and administrators will not have to worry about managing the fee structure.

Administrators can also easily import previous academic fees in SWEEDU School ERP.

Salary Structure Simplified

Employee salary structure is also simplified with the new update to SWEEDU School ERP Software. Now managing employee salaries using the SWEEDU web panel will be easier and more efficient.

sweedu salary stured simplify

Marks card types acc in schools

The update allows educational institutes to make their own mark sheet formats customized to their institution’s branding.

Now schools only have to design the marks card format once before printing it as many times as they want.

17 Languages

SWEEDU School ERP Software is now available in 17 Indian and International languages. You can access these languages in the web panel and the Parent/Student app.

This update was brought to improve the accessibility for students and parents from vernacular schools and regions.


Dynamic websites for schools

Having a digital address for your school is as important as having a physical address. This is why now you can choose to get your school’s website with SWEEDU and integrate it with the school ERP software.

With the website integration, you can get the details of the inquiries you receive, directly in your software web panel without adding a separate tool to view the website inquiries and do much more.


Real-time exam tracking

With this new feature update in SWEEDU school ERP software, teachers can check if all students have successfully joined the online exam, how long they take to finish the exam, and similar other tracking details in real-time.

This ensures that teachers can contact students in time so that they don’t miss their exams.

Reak Time Exam Tracking System

Internal Chat

The chat function is now extended to the staff and faculty for seamless communication through the teacher’s app, parent/student app, and administrator app.

This feature is added to strengthen and speed up internal communication within your educational system.

Offline fees payment management

With this new update, schools can manage fees paid offline in the form of cash, cheque, or DD in SWEEDU school ERP software. The administrative office can manage the details of the cash, cheque, or demand draft paid to them to keep a detailed track of transactions occurring offline at school.

Aside from this, schools can already collect fees online with the payment gateway integration.

school E commerce store


With the E-Commerce feature, schools can now give an online platform for their students and staff to buy school supplies directly from their smartphones or computers.
This will ensure consistency in the supplies made available to the students and the employees.
Check back for the latest updates on E-Commerce Module in SWEEDU School ERP Software.

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