Coaching Management Software

SWEEDU Coaching Management Software

Coaching centers are also places where a large number of students come together to receive quality education. And much like a school, it too needs good management to ensure procedural efficiency for high profits and better service.

With the SWEEDU Coaching Management Software, manage your coaching institute or tuition class and all the students that study there.

Give school-like facilities in your coaching centers with SWEEDU Coaching Management Software.

Why choose SWEEDU Coaching Management Software?

With SWEEDU coaching institute management software, you also get the experience of 12 years in the edtech industry which translates into the features and modules that we offer you. Our team of experts works tirelessly to bring you…

Manage Your Coaching Center From Anywhere With SWEEDU

SWEEDU Coaching Software is available on different platforms: Offline Desktop Software, Online Web Panel, Android App, & iOS App.

What are the features of SWEEDU Coaching Management Software?

online admission

Student Online Admission

This feature allows students to apply for admission online, making the process faster and more efficient. It eliminates the need for physical paperwork and allows the institute to manage applications eas

online class

Managing Batch

This feature helps in organizing students into different batches or groups. It can be based on various factors like age, course, level of proficiency, etc. It makes the process of managing and scheduling classes easier

Online Exam

Online Announcement and Exam

This feature enables institutes to make announcements and conduct exams online. It ensures that all students are updated with the latest information and can take exams from the comfort of their homes

Learning Management

Learning Management

Give a virtual address to all the study and learning material you give to your students with learning management through video tutorials in the coaching institute management system.

Timtable Management

Timetable Management

This feature helps in creating and managing timetables for different batches. It ensures that there are no clashes in the schedule and helps in efficient utilization of resources.

online fees

Online Fees Collection

This feature allows institutes to collect fees online. It provides various payment options to students/parents and makes the process of fee collection hassle-free

SWEEDU Coaching Management Software Benefits

Streamlined Communication​

Streamlined Communication

Effortless-Administration (1)

Effortless Administration


Optimized Expenditure


Secure – Online & Offline

Improved-Transparent (1)

Improved Transparent

Track Student Data, Finances, & Enrollment – All in One Software

  Gain more time to focus on teaching rather than managing.

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1. How can coaching management software benefit your coaching business?

By automating administrative tasks, reducing paperwork, improving client communication, enhancing organization, and providing valuable insights through reporting and analytics you can focus more on coaching and less on administrative work.

2. What are the primary areas where coaching management software provides help?

The primary processes in coaching management software are managing class timetables, client management, tracking student progress, creating mark cards, billing and invoicing, document sharing, and reporting.

3. Is SWEEDU coaching management software suitable for both individual and multi-chain organizations?

Yes, our software is versatile and can be used by coaching centers of all sizes. It can also be customized to meet the specific needs and scale of your coaching practice.

4. Can I try coaching management software before committing to a subscription?

Yes, we offer a free trial opportunity so you can test the software before committing. Just click the ‘Try Demo’ button in the menu bar.

5. What pricing options are available for coaching management software?

The pricing varies depending on the features you need. We offer subscription-based pricing, and we also provide a custom plan option where you can select the specific features you want. This way, you only need to pay for the features you choose.