Smart Class

Smart Class For School

Schools have begun teaching their students using a hybrid model that combines online and offline channels to help students study more effectively. SWEEDU School ERP Software is assisting these schools by providing them with tools to conduct online classes with increased efficiency. 

SWEEDU’s Smart Class feature allows teachers to conduct online classes remotely using their smartphones with the SWEEDU school teacher’s application installed. Students can easily join the online class on SWEEDU Education Management software by using the link that their teacher has distributed among them.

The online smart class app feature offers students tools compatible with their educational needs during the class, making it an efficient and engaging learning experience.

Benefits of Using Smart Class in SWEEDU School ERP

    • Easy remote teaching: Teachers can conduct classes remotely, which is helpful in times of social distancing, bad weather, or other unexpected circumstances.
    • Time-saving: Teachers and students save time on commuting to and from the physical classroom.
    • Engaging learning experience: Smart Class feature provides students with interactive tools to participate in class discussions, ask questions, and provide feedback to the teacher in real-time.
    • Cost-effective: This feature reduces the cost of physical infrastructure and equipment required for conducting a traditional classroom.
    • Convenient access: With Smart Class, students can join the class from anywhere and at any time, provided they have access to the internet.

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smart class for school