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Digital Learn Space: The most engaging way to learn

Imagine a learning experience that is so engaging, you forget you’re even learning. This is the power of
digital learn space.
Traditional learning methods, such as lectures and textbooks, can be effective for some, but they are not
always the best way to engage all learners.
Why? Because they provide students with a passive learning experience.
Passive learning leads to rote learning, wherein the students study to pass the exam and not learn.


Did you know that animated visual content can help students engage more parts of their brain?
Let’s understand the why and how:
    • Visual content like videos are more engaging than traditional text or images. They use movement, sound, and color to capture students’ attention and keep them engaged.
    • Videos can help students to visualize complex concepts. This can make it easier for students to understand and remember the information.
    • Animated videos can provide students with a personalized learning experience. Students can control the pace of the video and rewind or skip ahead as needed.

Digital Learning Resources

Millions of students around the world are struggling to learn in traditional school settings. They’re bored, disengaged, and falling behind.
Digital Learn Space app provides students with a personalized learning experience in English or Hindi. Students can choose the study materials that work best for them and learn at their own pace. And when they need help, parents and teachers are just a click away.
With digital learn space, students can finally learn to their full potential, regardless of their language of choice.



Digital Learn Space Offerings & Board Affiliation

SWEEDU’s digital learn space is a revolutionary new way for students to learn. It provides study material and learning content in line with NCERT, GSEB, and CBSE Board guidelines, but it’s so much more than just a digital version of a textbook.

NCERT, GSEB Math, Science, EVS, Social Science, English
CBSE Science

Digital Learning Resources

A learning experience that feels like it was designed just for you.
Digital Learn Space has been designed with an interface that is so intuitive and user-friendly, you can easily access the content you need, search for a particular section or chapter, and view your progress in the course.
This digital learn space resource library is useful for schools and students alike. It provides students with access to a wide range of high-quality learning materials at their fingertips.
It is an important tool for self-assessment and exam preparation at home. It provides students with access to a wide range of high-quality learning materials that can help them identify their strengths and weaknesses, practice answering exam-type questions, and track their progress over time.

Video Library 1st – 12th
Ebooks 6th – 12th
Important Questions 6th – 10th
Practice Tests 6th – 10th
Last Year’s Question Papers 1st – 12th


What are the features of SWEEDU Digital Learn Space

2D / 3D Videos

Videos are a versatile learning tool with a comprehensive collection of videos on a variety of subjects that can be used to enhance classroom instruction, provide extra practice, and support learning at their own pace.



A wide selection of ebooks on a variety of subjects, including textbooks, novels, and nonfiction works. Ebooks are convenient and accessible, and they allow students to read wherever and whenever they want.


Important Questions

A bank of important questions for each subject area, organized by topic and difficulty level. These questions can be used by students to prepare for tests and exams, or to identify areas where they need additional practice.


Practice Tests

A variety of practice tests for each subject area, also organized by topic and difficulty level. Practice tests can help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, and they can also be used to track progress over time.


Last Year's Question Papers

A collection of last year's question papers for each subject area. This resource can be used by students to familiarize themselves with the format and style of the exams they will be taking, and to practice answering exam-type questions.


Affordable & flexible pricing options for schools of all sizes

We offer package-based pricing based on class and subject. This means schools can choose the packages that best fit their needs and budget.
Schools can also choose the number of classes they want to offer their students at a time, or even skip some if they don’t need them. This gives schools the flexibility to meet the needs of their students and staff.
SWEEDU’s digital learn space is the perfect solution for schools that are looking for a high-quality and affordable learning platform.