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SWEEDU University Management Software

A university has many different faculties and within them are different departments. To manage all of that efficiently, you need a powerful university management softwareSWEEDU offers an easy multi-faculty managing University Software for your institution.

Bring your faculties within one system and manage all processes with higher ease, organization, and efficiency.

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Why choose SWEEDU University Management Software

The SWEEDU University Management System and Software is designed with the needs of both the university and its faculty members in mind. The university as a whole will be able to oversee all of the faculties on a macro-level, while each faculty can oversee its operations.

That’s not it, though. You can get much more from SWEEDU than that. 

It helps enhance and improvement of transparency By streamlining procedures and giving administrators useful tools for optimal operation, SWEEDU improves transparency in university administration. With an emphasis on the needs of the student, SWEEDU Education ERP offers a complete education administration solution that can be used by novices as well as expert users.

Manage Your University Management From Anywhere With SWEEDU

For users who would rather access SWEEDU University Management Software online, the Online Web Panel offers flexible and convenient browser-based access.

With its flexible accessibility, SWEEDU University Management Software enables users to oversee university operations across a range of platforms. The following access choices are available:

Offline Desktop Software: With the help of SWEEDU’s Offline Desktop Software, users can oversee university operations without constantly connecting to the internet.

What are the features of SWEEDU University Management Software?

online admission for university management software

Online Admission

Receive admission inquiries on your university website, conduct online entrance exams, and confirm student admissions directly from the software panel. No more need for manual entrance processes.

integration for mobile application

Integrated Mobile Apps

Universities are large and often need to be managed from different work locations to ensure that each faculty remains well connected and the work flows smoothly.

automation attendance management system for university

Automated Attendance Management

With UHF gate integration in the SWEEDU University Management Software, every student & staff attendance can be automated easily for every day as well as every lecture.

WhatsApp/SMS Integration​ for university management software

WhatsApp/SMS Integration

It helps universities to send important notices & announcements to their students and staff via a message that delivers fast and is efficient. With the WhatsApp/SMS integration, you can do that.

Learning Management​

Learning Management

Often students are given some time off before university exams to prepare. With the learning management feature, students can review their lessons via texts, videos, and documents.

Online Fees Collection​

Online Fees Collection

Where students had to stand in line at the bank with the fees payment slip (challan) in hand previously, with online fees collection in SWEEDU ERP, they can pay their fees via smartphones.

SWEEDU University Management Software Benefits

optimize transparency

Improved Transparency

effective administrater for university management software

Effortless Administration

stemeline communication for university

Streamlined Communication

Secure - Online & Offline​

Secure – Online & Offline

Optimized Expenditure​

Optimized Expenditure


University Management


Simplify administrative, finance, teaching, HR, and departmental tasks with our integrated platform.


1. What features do you offer in your university management software?

We offer a wide range of features, including student enrollment, course management, attendance tracking, grade management, financial management, faculty management, and analytics tools like reports.

2. Is your software cloud-based or on-premises?

Our university management software is cloud-based to provide flexibility, accessibility, and added security.

3. Can your software help with online learning and remote education?

Yes, our software includes features to support online learning and remote education, such as virtual classrooms, online assignment submission, and collaboration tools.

4. How do we get started with implementing your software in our university?

To get started, simply reach out to our sales at 8000338338. We’ll schedule a consultation to assess your needs, provide a demonstration of the software, and guide you through the implementation process.

5. Does your software support multi-campus or multi-chain universities?

Yes, our software is capable of handling multi-campus or multi-chain institutions. You can manage data and operations across multiple campuses from a centralized system.

6. Does your software support mobile access for students and faculty?

Yes, our software offers an all-in-one mobile app, allowing students and faculty to access important information and features on the go.