Online Examination

Online Examination Management 

Exams are a way to know how much understanding each student has got of the subjects taught to them. However, with time, the way of conducting examinations has also evolved. With online examination tools, schools can now offer flexible online exams to their students which they can give right from their homes.

SWEEDU School ERP Software offers a robust online examination system for your school students and teachers. With this, you can conduct exams online for each student. Students only need a laptop or smartphone with an active internet connection to appear for their exams.

The online examination module in SWEEDU school ERP software is linked to other features of the SWEEDU software like homework management, learning management system, and digital syllabus. The daily questions given by the teacher are stored in a question bank. From the question bank, teachers can draft their question papers for the online or offline exams.

Benefits of Online Examination  Management System in SWEEDU School ERP

The online examination module of SWEEDU school management software offers multiple benefits for both students and teachers. Some of these benefits are:

  • Easier online exams
  • Automated answer sheet assessment for objective questions
  • Faster question paper drafting
  • Quicker reports generation
  • Streamlined communication of progress reports.
  • Multiple ways to answer subjective question
  • Time limit to ensure transparency and fairness.

Conducting online exams with SWEEDU school ERP software is easy, fast, and reliable. Contact our support team ( to know more about all the different features of SWEEDU.