Online Examination

Online Examination Management 

SWEEDU School ERP Software’s online examination management system allows students and teachers to conduct exams online. Students only need a smart digital device laptop or smartphone with a stable internet connection to take their exams online without any hassle.

The online examination module is integrated to work seamlessly with other SWEEDU features, such as homework management, learning management system, and digital syllabus. The daily questions given by the teacher are stored in a question bank, and from there, teachers can draft their question papers for online or offline exams.

Benefits of the Online Examination feature:

Flexibility: Students can choose to take their exams from anywhere, using any smart device with internet connectivity. 

Reduced paperwork: The online examination feature eliminates the need for physical question papers, reducing the use of paper and saving time in the exam process.

Secure and fair assessments: The online examination feature ensures secure and fair assessments. This feature is designed to prevent cheating during exams and to ensure that each student gets a unique set of questions.

Time-saving: The online examination feature saves time for teachers by allowing them to create and distribute exams quickly and easily.

Easy grading: The online examination feature makes grading easier for teachers. The system automatically scores the exams, and teachers can easily access the results and provide feedback to the students.

Analytics and reporting: The online examination feature provides analytics and reporting capabilities. Teachers can access data on student performance, question-level analysis, and more. This helps them to identify areas where students need more help and make data-driven decisions to improve their teaching methodologies. 

Conducting online exams with SWEEDU education management software is easy, fast, and reliable. Contact our support team ( to know more.