Student Admission Management System: Learn how it streamlines your online school admissions
Student Admission Management System


S your school has reopened for new admissions and you are expecting a good crowd. But because your admission process is completely manual, it takes time to process each inquiry and admission. The solution for this is to use a robust student admission management system.

Do you know, there are more than 1.4 Million schools in India. This means that there are plenty of alternatives for students to choose from. If they feel discomfort or delay in admission, they may skip to another school. In fact, many times students apply to multiple institutions to ensure admission.

In such cases, a slow admission process can seriously affect your school’s profits. The student admission management system is a tool in school management software that allows you to automate the entire admission process and even helps you streamline your online school admissions.

What is a Student Admission Management System?

A student admission management system is a module, often a part of school management ERP software, that allows you to manage your online and offline admissions with relative ease and increased efficiency.

This offline and online school admission management system works along with other modules of the school management software to help you automate every task related to student admission and management at school.

It offers you the right features to include online admissions in your schools. But why are online school admissions important now?

Here’s why…

Online School Admissions: Advantages

Let’s go back to the case we discussed in the introduction. Because your school was processing admissions manually, it took time to manage every single admission right from inquiry to sifting, shortlisting, and confirming the admission.

Online school admission through the student admission management system automates this whole process giving you more time for more important tasks. You can connect this system to your school website from where your prospects can send admission inquiries and fill out & submit admission forms directly to your school.

You can take entrance tests online to check the eligibility of each applicant. Your school administration can set the admission criteria based on which the online student admission management system can shortlist eligible candidates. In the end, it remains your decision on whose application to confirm.

Now, imagine how much time you will save if all of that works on its own with minimal human interference. It will save time, resources, money, and manpower.

How Does the Student Admission Management System Help?

The student admission management system is not only helpful for the administrators and admission counselors but also works for the ease of students and parents.

Every admission season, students and parents had to go to the school to simply inquire about admissions. The complete process would take at least 2-3 drives back and forth to the school. This can be quite tiring as parents have to make time for this out of their busy schedules.

Online school student admission management system allows them to complete the entire process right from the comfort of their homes.

Let’s check out how the student admission management system helps different stakeholders of your school.

Student Admission Management System for Administrator/Counselor

Admission counselor or the administration department of your school is usually tasked with managing admissions.

Traditionally, the administration will set up an open school to allow students and parents to visit the school campus and inquire about admissions. After this, they would have to accept offline admission forms and organize them manually, call them for entrance exams, and then shortlist eligible candidates manually.

With the online admission management system, the administrator or counselor can set up the complete flow of admission. This allows them to automate all the above processes which make them fast and accurate as well.

Here’s how the online student admission management system helps the administrator/counselor.

  • Collects admission inquiries directly from the website.
  • Organizes the applicant data and allows you to manage each applicant more efficiently.
  • Allows you to conduct online entrance exams.
  • Shortlisted eligible candidates based on the criteria you set.
  • Integrates SMS, WhatsApp, and Email to notify selected students.

The online school admission system virtually automates the entire admission process from collecting inquiries to shortlisting students.

Online School Admission Management System for Students/Parents

While the online school admission management system in school ERP software is helpful for the administrative department of the school, it is equally helpful to the applicants and their parents.

When a school uses an online student admission management system, they allow students and parents to inquire about admissions online right from their homes.

Here’s how it helps students and parents:

  • Parents or students do not have to go back and forth to the school campus for the admission process.
  • They can inquire about the admissions directly from the website and receive direct communication from the administration department of the school.
  • Students can give their entrance exams right from their homes using their smartphones.
  • Once their admissions are confirmed, students/parents can pay the school fees online as well.


1. What is a student admission management system?

A student admission management system is a module in School Management ERP Software that allows schools to automate the complete admission process to improve the efficiency and profits of their school.

2. What is an online admission management system?

An online admission management system is a tool that helps you bring your admission process online to make it more streamlined and provide better facilities to the applicants and their parents.

3. How do you attract students for admission?

Students or parents should first know if your school is opening admissions. Being present on social media and promoting your admission webpage on the web can help you reach your students.


Using the school management software comes with its perks for your school. An online student admission management system is one of these perks. Digitizing the education system is long overdue. With the change in the way people interact with one another, school functions must change and improve to assimilate it as well.

The online student admission management allows you to streamline and simplify the online school admission process for the administration as well as the students and parents. You can explore online admission management and many other modules simply by registering for a free trial of school management software. Apart from online admission, it also offers you online fees management, automated attendance, a learning management system, and much more.

Does your school offer an online admission facility to its students and parents? Let us know in the comment below and if you like the blog make sure to share it with your friends and peers.

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