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The importance of a better school transport management system is realized when the school bus is late and the parents get anxious wondering if their child is okay. Efficient school transport management will help bridge the communication between the school bus driver, the school, and the parents.

Education ERP Software like SWEEDU offers you a Transport Management feature that helps you manage your school transport more effectively. It also helps your school in increasing your school safety outside of your school.

What is School Transport Management System?

The school transport management system module is often a part of school management software or it can also be a standalone software that allows your educational institution to track its student transport vehicles.

There are many ways that institutions can track their school vehicles including GPS tracking as well as via mobile phones. You can choose to either install GPS devices within your buses or you can get your bus driver or conductor to install a dedicated Transport application like the one SWEEDU Education ERP Software offers you.

What is the difference between using a GPS tracker & Transport App?

You want to track your students during transportation but wondering whether a GPS Tracker is good or a Transport App. To help you choose between them here is the difference between them.

A GPS tracker is installed on every bus and can help you locate the current location of the bus. Whereas, the Transport app can connect you with the bus’s driver, use their smartphone’s GPS to locate their current location, and allows the driver or conductor to send real-time notifications to school & parents.

Depending on which features you need, you can choose to either install a GPS tracker or get a School Transport Management App for drivers & conductors. Both of these can be connected with your institution’s transport system module.

Now before we move forward, let’s check out what benefits the transport management system offers your school.

School Transport Management System Benefits

When you use the school transport management module embedded in an education ERP software, it is often linked with other modules and features of the software. This gives you an inclusive experience for managing multiple aspects of your school along with transport management.

The transport management module of education institution ERP like SWEEDU works to help you in many different ways but the major benefit here is that it increases your students’ safety on the road.

  • It allows the school administration to set up safer & optimized pick-up & drop routes for the school bus to follow.
  • Helps the school administration to track the location of the school bus in real-time so they always know where the students of that bus are.
  • With the integrated transport app, school bus drivers or conductors can send real-time notifications to the school administration and the parents.
  • Based on the school bus location, the parents can also be notified when the bus is nearby so they do not have to wait at the bus stand for long.
  • With the drivers or conductors sending alerts & notifications in real-time, schools and parents can always know when the bus is stuck or has faced a problem on the road. They can then promptly take measures to ensure student safety out of there.
  • Using the Transport app integrated with the education ERP software, the driver or conductor can also take student & staff attendance based on the list of passengers given to them by the school administration.

So, how do these advantages translate into increasing student safety at school?

Here’s how…

Increasing Student Safety with Transport Management System

The transport management system builds a seamless communication channel between the school, bus drivers/conductors, and the parents of children riding the bus. This ensures that the school vehicle is well-connected with every other stakeholder at every time.

This module, paired with the transport app for bus drivers can help you track your students at all times while the bus is on the road.

The bus driver or conductor can easily record if a particular student is present or absent while boarding the bus. If they find them to be absent, then the driver can easily send a notification or an alert to the student’s parents as well as the school admin, informing them of the student’s absence.

Parents can confirm that their student isn’t going or can take action if the student was supposed to be present.

Similarly, if the school bus is stuck in traffic or is late for any reason then the conductor can notify the school about the situation and get prompt support from the school to ensure student safety on the road.


1. How do you manage your school transportation?

The easiest and most efficient way of managing your school transportation is to ensure that your education ERP software offers a dedicated transport management module along with the transport apps for school bus drivers.

2. What is the school bus management system?

The school transport management system can also be called the school bus management system as apart from managing the vehicle routes for picking up the students, it also allows the administration to manage the school buses and their drivers in one single interface.

3. How can I track my school bus by GPS?

The education ERP software can integrate a GPS tracker that your school will usually install on the bus or it can integrate the transport management mobile application for drivers/conductors. The app will use the mobile GPS to allow you to track your bus before it arrives at your place.


The School Transport management system can significantly increase your school’s security outside of its premises. It also works to help administration and parents to check student bus locations while en route.

Using the transport management system, your educational institute can reduce the instances of late arrivals, optimize its expenses on vehicle fuels, and manage the passenger students & staff with higher efficiency.

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