Transport Management

School Transport Management 

Managing school transport can be a little handful if it isn’t managed well. The school transport management module in SWEEDU School ERP Software helps you to manage the transport vehicles of your school, their drivers, passengers, and any other thing related to it in one single interface.

School transportation, whether by bus or van is a crucial part of your school as it helps you ensure the safety of your students and staff outside of your school campus. Moreover, if your school manages the student transport from home to school and back, then you also can track and manage the time it takes to travel.

With the Transport Management Module in SWEEDU School ERP, you can manage the transport routes, the number of onboarding staff & students, and the safety measures it takes on and off the board.

Features of Transport Management Module

The transport management module in the SWEEDU School ERP Software offers you multiple features to ensure that you can manage your school transportation as remotely and digitally as possible.

These are the features it gives you:

  • Send alerts to the parents & school in case of an emergency en route.
  • Take on-boarding student & staff attendance.
  • Notify parents if the school bus is nearby.
  • Pick-up and drop alert for student safety.
  • Use Phone GPS through Transport App to follow the decided route.

Benefits of Transport management module in SWEEDU School ERP Software

The Transport management module in SWEEDU School ERP can also be managed using the SWEEDU Transport App integrated with the Software. The app is specifically designed for the driver or conductor on board to view and manage different routes, and passengers, and communicate with the school authority in real-time.

Following are the benefits that Transport Management Module offers your school:

  • Manage the transport route to ensure that an optimized route is used to pick up more students and staff in any area.
  • Receive updates about the vehicle on the road and track its time between school & destinations.
  • Ensure student safety at all times with a direct driver/conductor connect when the vehicle runs late or is broken down while en route.
  • Track students and staff and ensure their safety when they’re away from the school premises.

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