Best school ERP software in Assam


Finding the best school ERP software in Assam isn’t hard if you know what features to look for. Assam is the north-eastern state of India famous for its Muga silk and Assam Tea. The state is home to educational institutions like IIT Guwahati, AIIMS Guwahati, NID Jorhat, NIT Silchar, and many more.

The state has a literacy rate of 73.18% which is closer to the average rate of the country. The education department of Assam has put up various educational schemes to help increase the literacy rate further. These schemes when paired with the right school ERP software at every educational institute can increase the quality of education and efficiency of every school.

But is any software okay for your school? Keep reading to know the must-have features to find the best school management software in Assam.

What features are necessary for a school ERP software?

A school ERP or school management software is a tool that automates and assists you in different tasks necessary to run your school smoothly. It offers many different features and modules that help increase the productivity of your school’s administrative department, assists in teaching and learning, and increases the overall efficiency of your school’s stakeholders.

The school management software helps your school streamline and digitize its processes to make them easier and faster. Because of this, your school will get an edge over the competition and attract more admissions.

However, choosing the right school ERP software is very important because it needs to fulfill all the requirements that you expect from it. Choosing the wrong school software can decrease your work efficiency and instead of simplifying your work, it can over-complicate it.

Hence, here are some of the must-have features that you need to ensure in the best school ERP software in Assam schools.

Online class, digital syllabus, and online exam

While online class, digital syllabus, and online exam are three different features, they are intricately connected with each other. These three features essentially help you bring your teaching and learning to the virtual space.

With the online class, your teachers can conduct online classes for the students to attend them from wherever they are at that moment. Teachers can then save the lecture topics and the questions that they will assign as homework in the digital syllabus for future reference of the students as well as the teachers. Moving ahead from there, teachers can select the questions they want to add for the online/offline exams directly from the digital syllabus module.

This streamlines online teaching and learning through the software. It makes learning flexible and easily available. Students who cannot come to the class physically do not have to miss the class. If they have a smartphone or computer with an active internet connection, then they can attend classes online from wherever they are in the world.

Similarly, they can also check the questions and course details uploaded by their teachers in the digital syllabus module. This will allow them to work on their syllabus faster and they can start preparing for their exams in advance.

Online admissions

School admissions always take up too much of your resources, whether it is manpower, time, or finances. School ERP software with an online admissions feature allows school administration to organize admission rounds throughout the year without any extra need for manpower, time, money, or any other resources.

Online admission is a feature helpful for both the school and the students/parents. It allows parents to send online admission inquiries to the school and fill in the admission form online. Parents or students will no longer need to go to the school physically to submit the required documents either. They can simply upload a digital copy of their documents and send it to the school attached with their admission form.

Further on, the school can shortlist the eligible candidates and conduct an online entrance exam to ensure that deserving candidates are selected.

Student information system

A student information system is a database of student information and everything related to their academics. School software with an in-built student information system allows you to keep a detailed track of every important piece of information of a student.

Students can also check out their information related to academics including their personal information provided to the school, daily lecture timetable, exam timetable, results, and much more from this single system.

In itself, the student information system has many features that help the students, parents, and the school.

Online fees management

In most parts of Assam and the rest of India, schools still accept only physical forms of payment. With the school ERP software, you can allow the parents of your school students to pay the fees online from wherever they are.

This means that they do not have to visit the school premises to pay their child’s fees. With payment gateway integration, parents can pay their child’s school fees from their smartphones or computers with complete security and speed.

With the school software, the school can send fees reminders as well. This way, parents avoid the late fee by simply paying it on the go with their smartphones.

Human resource management system

The human resource management system or HRMS is another module that any best school ERP software in Assam needs to have. Without the HRMS module in your school software, managing the employees and their work at the school can become a tedious task.

The HRMS module consists of features like proxy management, payroll management, employee management, teacher task management, and similar other features that make your school staff’s work easier.

It also helps the administrator to keep a detailed record of the progress of each employee so that they can make future decisions based on that record.

Learning management system

Yet another very important module, the learning management system in school ERP software will help your students learn at their own pace regardless of whether they are connected to the internet or not.

With the LMS in school software, teachers can choose to upload their lecture video and notes on the panel so that students can view online or download them for offline viewing. This gives students greater accessibility. Whether the students have an active internet connection or not, they can download the resources when they are connected and view them anytime.


As we mentioned earlier, it is not hard to find the best school ERP software in Assam if you know what to look for. What’s better is that your search for the right software does not have to be limited to the geographical boundaries of the state of Assam.

School ERP software like SWEEDU offers its services and products all across India which means that you too can get your hands on it with a free trial.

Tell us what you look for in the best school ERP software for your school? Share your thoughts in the comments below. And if you think that this blog may help someone make a decision, be sure to share it with them.


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