School ERP Software
School ERP Software

Schools have started to reopen all across India but almost every school has a major change in its education system. And that change is the inclusion of education technology. Throughout the pandemic, schools tried to keep their teaching and learning processes unhindered using online classes. And that is why many schools have now turned to use school software for their institution. Are you too trying to find the best school ERP software for your school?

School ERP software is a tool that assists different people at your school to manage their work with greater efficiency and optimized resources. It is a helpful tool for the administrators, teachers, students, parents, and the school staff.

This blog will discuss what you need to know before choosing the best school management software for your school. Keep reading.

What Makes up the Best School ERP Software?

Selecting the school management system for your educational institution can be a daunting task. Your school will be paying money for the software so you need to be extremely sure about the purchase you make.

Here are some pointers that you need to keep in mind before choosing the best school ERP software for your institution.

#01: Know Your Requirements

The first thing that you need to know about choosing the right school ERP system is the requirements of your educational institution. Understand what your school needs and where it can improve with the help of an automation tool.

This step gives you a roadmap on things that your school needs and the priorities that need to be addressed. Once you know your requirements, you can start your search for the school software that offers you all the tools to fulfill your school’s requirements.

#02: Consider your Future Possibilities

Your school is not going to keep working at the same level for the years to come. You may plan on upscaling your school to several branches or you may downscale. The school management software should be able to keep up with your plans whether in the distant future or nearby.

Look for an online school management software that is capable of upscaling or downscaling according to your needs. This way, you will not have to buy other software when your school strength changes.

Remember, your school software should be a long time investment rather than short-time assistance. Otherwise, you will have to go through the process of choosing all over again.

#03: Test the User-friendliness

The school software you choose for your institution is going to be used by your students and staff. Hence, it needs to be user-friendly for them as well. A school management system that is easy to navigate and understand is necessary so that students do not find it overwhelming.

The best way to ensure it is to try the school ERP software for free. Usually, any software provider would give you a free trial of the school software for 1 month to 1 year. You can sign up for it and try its features to know whether they are user-friendly or not.

#04: Get Feedback from Staff and Students

When you are trying out school management software, you can get your selected staff and students onboard to let them try it out too. Ensure that they check out features that are created for them.

This will help you know if the different features of school ERP software help all your school’s stakeholders or not. Also, don’t forget to get feedback from them. Some software providers also offer customizations to your software. You can send the feedback from students to them to see if they can customize the system for your school.

You can also convey your student and staff feedback to the vendor via customer support email or phone.

#05: Thoroughly Check the Package Details

If you have decided upon school software that you like, one of the final important things you need to ensure is the price package you are buying. While choosing the package that suits your budget is a good thing, you should also look for potential deals where you get more features at less price.

But while doing so, you must also ensure that you get the necessary features first. Again, a good deal should be the last thing to consider. Plan your budget and choose the best school ERP software for your school that fulfills all your requirements.


What is the Best Software for Schools?

As every school’s requirements are different, what’s best for one school may not be enough for yours.

Instead of searching for the best school ERP software out there, it is important to search for the school software that is best for your school. This would mean that the software you choose for your education institute should offer you features that align with your requirements.

What Software do Students Need?

Understanding their need for flexible learning, students need software that includes online classes, online exams, student information systems, learning management systems, and other student-related tools.

While you can find these systems separately, a school ERP software like SWEEDU offers all of that and more within one panel. Students can create their accounts and start using each of these modules and features to their liking.


The SWEEDU school ERP software offers you multiple packages that suit your budget and offer you more value than you expect. With both online and offline deployment, you can choose what suits your needs the best and select the one that fits your educational institution and its stakeholders.

It offers you dedicated customer support that will help you with any query or issue. With a free online onboarding session, SWEEDU also ensures that you understand each module well and can use it efficiently.

Tell us what you look for in the best school ERP software for your school? Share your thoughts in the comments below. And if you find the blog helpful then make sure you share it with your friends and peers.







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