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With the start of 2021, schools and other educational institutions have started operating normally again. Even though each classroom has a limited number of students, the process of teaching and learning has almost gone back to its original form.

However, schools, students, and their parents have become more accepting of educational technology than before. Many schools had implemented school management software in India to bridge the communication between the teachers and the students. This way, schools were able to keep the learning process of their students going on even when schools were closed.

Now that schools have restarted, there are many aspects of online learning through the school management software that the students appreciate and would like to continue using even when the schools have resumed their normal functions.

In this blog, we will be looking at why students prefer to study using school management software.

It is More Comfortable

Studying from home seemed like a bad idea when schools first started taking classes online. However, with the features offered by school management software, it gradually became a smarter alternative to traditional classroom studies.

While we all agree that classroom studying is an essential part of a child’s overall growth, online studying offered an option for when the student cannot physically attend the school for any reason.

So, even when the student is unable to attend school, he or she will not miss the lecture. With smart classes and video tutorials, schools can ensure that students will always have access to elaborate lectures so that they can understand the concept well. This allows them to remember it for a longer time.

Furthermore, students can access these video tutorials from anywhere in the world using their parent’s smartphone and log in. This way, students can replay old lectures to prepare for their exams to easily remember the concept exactly the way their teacher taught them.

It is More Understandable

At school, students learn all the important subjects as the teachers would teach them using a board and a marker or chalk. To help them understand. But with the video lecture feature, teachers can use their creativity while creating videos to make them more interesting by adding elements to the video.

Imagine learning geography using a simple map and learning it with a virtual map where the teacher can show what a country truly looks like instead of only showing its borders.

Teachers can use that and better innovation to create their subject videos with video tutorials to help students understand the subject better. They can use their creativity the way they want with different features offered by the online school management software that they couldn’t use with a simple board and marker.

With newer and more innovative forms of teaching and learning, students find it more understandable to learn from a school management software as compared to other online group video call applications.

It Offers the Online Exam Feature

No student would want to miss the day of class test or exam when they know that it can affect their grade. Yet, if students are unable to attend school due to any reason, they have to lose their marks. This small change in their grades reflects heavily on their overall result.

The top school management software allows students to take online exams. This feature is especially important for students who could not attend school for any reason. With online exams, the students can give exams from anywhere in the world with only a smart device and a stable internet connection.

Online exams for schools help its students to never miss a class test or exam. And thanks to that, students do not have to worry about their grades falling because they missed a test.

Easy Fee Payment with Gateway Integration

Fee payment is always a hassle when the students or their parents have to pay it in cash to the school. Long lines and the risk of carrying cash makes it all the more stressful.

However, school management software with payment gateway integration removes all the hassle from the process and makes it way faster than before. It allows students to pay their school or college fees through online payment methods like UPI, NEFT/RTGS, Internet Banking, Online Wallet, Debit or Credit cards, and similar others.

When the fees reminder notification is sent to the parent’s smartphone using school management software mobile application, students or their parents can easily pay their school fees without waiting to withdraw the money from the bank.

This allows students to ensure that their fee is paid securely and on time. Students can use their parent’s mobile application for school management software or they can pay their fees using their own login through the web panel of the software.

It Supports Live Admissions

Getting admission to any school or other educational institute is a long process. Students or their parents have to wait in a long line with the documents to fill up the admission form and wait for confirmation from the school.

This process itself took more than a few days during which, the parents or students have to make trips back and forth to the school. It is a tiring and time-consuming process.

The school management software streamlines this process to reduce unnecessary trips to the school and back. It offers an online admissions feature that allows parents and students to fill up the admission form online and submit all the required documents to the school through their smartphone or computer.

The information is then stored in the school management software where the school administrator can access it instantly. Once the application is approved, the student can start attending the classes from the date decided.


The school management software offers various features that simplify the work for the school administrator, teachers, parents, as well as students. While there are many reasons to adopt school management software in your educational system, students especially like it for its flexibility.

Unlike online group video calling applications, smart classes in school management software are specifically designed with teaching and learning in mind. It allows students to ask doubts in real-time, shares a whiteboard for better understanding, helps students to review the lecture through video tutorials.

Apart front these, it also streamlines the admission and fee payment process. It saves the time and other resources of students, parents, and the school as well. Try the school management software for free to know about all the different features it offers your school and see what feedback the students have to give about the software.

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