RHow School Management Software Streamlinedecent times have changed and impacted everyone’s lives. People started working from home, and technology played a huge part in keeping the world connected even when no one could leave their houses.

It was a tough time for everyone, but thanks to the communication devices and technology, most people were able to connect with each other. With their computers and smartphones, people could do their everyday work with little difficulty.

When the COVID-19 pandemic affected almost every industry, the education sector was facing the biggest challenges. The schools had been closed due to lockdown.  So the kids were confused as to why they could not go to school.

In such time, schools that used school management software were able to manage the situation far better than those that did not use it. Many schools and educational institutions used school management software even before the pandemic.

How Schools Coped with the Global Situation?

As said earlier, schools that were not using school management software found it harder to communicate with parents and students. And so, most of these schools chose an online video calling software with trial and error method. They used these software to conduct classes and teach their students.

However, the problem with such software is that they were all made for group video calling and not for classroom studies. And so, the teachers had to use multiple software for different needs. While the lectures were conducted with video calling apps, notes were shared through email, tests were taken using forms, and homework was submitted using classroom application. Administrative tasks were kept on hold until the school resumed its normal functions.

On the other hand, the schools that used school management software were able to conduct online classes, send out homework, take online classes, and submit homework, all through a single software. The school management software is helpful for admins too. It allows them to do all their administrative tasks from the comfort of their homes.

School Management Software Simplifies Education

Unlike other video calling or communication applications, school management software is specifically made with schools and education in focus. So the features of school management software are designed to give maximum support to the users.

It not only helped students and teachers but also kept the school administrative tasks running even when the schools were closed. For parents, it became a strong communication tool to stay updated on any news or notifications that the school may send them.

Furthermore, it also helps teachers to take online exams easily so that the students do not have to learn and use any other software or online application specifically for giving exams.

Let’s see how different features of school management software streamlined the education process during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Smart Classes and Video Tutorials

While everyone was using video calling applications to conduct classes, the smart class feature in school management software allowed teachers to conduct classes with real-time chat and whiteboard sharing for easy doubt solving and a better understanding of concepts for students.

Students with a slow or unstable internet connection could catch up to missed classes with the video tutorial feature that allows them to view and download pre-recorded lectures whenever they get a stable internet connection. This allowed the students to learn at their own pace without having to worry about missing their studies.

Moreover, teachers who had to take care of their families along with conducting regular classes could record the lecture video when they get the time so that the students receive their regular studies without changing their times.

Online Exam

The online exam feature allowed the teachers to conduct timely tests and exams of the students with the online exam feature of the school management software. This feature allowed students to give online tests without having to leave their houses.

With just a smartphone with an internet data connection, students could give exams right from their living rooms.

The teachers could draft the questions necessary to test the understanding of students and distribute the test using the school management software itself. Furthermore, he/she can also evaluate the tests using the same school management software and give out results to the students via notifications on the parent’s application of the school management software.

SMS & WhatsApp Notification

The SMS and WhatsApp notification feature in the school management software kept the school, parents, teachers, and students in a loop to pass information regarding any update on the school’s operation, government notification on the partial reopening of schools, and any updates regarding the COVID-19 situation.

The school administration could steadily stay in contact with the teachers and parents. If the teachers had any homework or test scheduled, with the in-app push notification along with SMS and WhatsApp messaging, the school administration or the teacher could send a notification on the parent’s phone.  This way the student or parent may not miss any important notification from the school.

With SMS messaging, schools could send the most important notifications to the parents that do not have an active internet connection.

The parents and students could also access the push notification in the school management software’s parent’s application when the administrator used the announcement feature.

Homework Management

With this feature, teachers could send regular homework to the students along with required attachments in the form of PDF or Microsoft document files.

Students can either access it from their login on the web panel from the desktop or they can access it from their parent’s login in the Parent’s application on android smartphones or devices.

When the teacher sent them homework through the homework management feature of the school management software, the parents would get a push notification on their mobile phones so that the students do not miss their homework.


Now the schools are gradually reopening and students and teachers are going back to their workplace. But the flexibility that school management software provided to all the stakeholders will now increase especially after the schools start operating normally.

Rather than using 7-8 different applications every time to give a positive online learning experience to the students, schools need to make a choice that uses lesser time and increases their productivity and efficiency.

School management software is a helpful tool for everyone who is a part of the education system. It automates the everyday tasks from the admin’s to-do list and gives them more time to complete other much important tasks.

It delivers teachers and students a smart teaching and learning experience that helps them understandably communicate with each other. Because of this, students can understand concepts more easily and score more on their tests and exams.

Your school too can start using the school management software for free with the free trial. It gives you an idea of how well it can integrate with your educational institution and help it become more successful.

What was your experience of teaching or learning during the lockdown caused on behalf of the COVID-19 pandemic? Let us know in the comments section below and be sure to check out our blog for similar topics.




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