How are School Management Systems Useful for Teachers

Teachers and mentors are the ones who show their students the right path to a successful future. It is safe to say that children’s future is first in the hands of their parents and then their teacher. So, teachers play a huge role in shaping the future of any society.

With this big responsibility, the teachers of the Indian education system must get the best facilities to be able to give quality education to all the children. Technology like the modern school management system offers teachers with smart teaching tools that raise the education bar higher than before.

When a school adopts a school management system, it not only assists the admin with the administrative tasks of the school but also enables teachers to make learning more dynamic and fun for easier understanding.

Today we are going to discuss what facilities a school management system provides the teachers to make their teaching experience better.

Benefits of School Management System for Teachers

School ERP gives immense benefits to admins as well as parents. However, it also provides teachers with some feature-packed tools. They can access these features either from the website or from the smartphone application.

This allows them to access their profile from wherever they are and at whatever time they want. The school management system makes the teacher’s work process easier and more streamlined. Here are some things that the school management system does for simplifying a teacher’s job.

Manages Daily or Lecture-wise Attendance

The first thing that every school teacher needs to at school is to write attendance. Earlier they used to sign day-wise on the school register to mark their presence for the day and then came biometrics. With just an impression of their thumb, they can mark their attendance.

Similarly, they also needed to take their students’ attendance in the class register. But there was a risk of making mistakes in manually registering the attendance.

The school management system allows teachers to do this whole process online. If the school has integrated the biometric system with the software, it automatically marks the teacher present for a particular day or lecture. From there on teachers can use their application to check on their attendance status.

In the same way, the software also registers students’ attendance for the day or any particular lecture. This way, it saves the energy and time of the teacher.

Organizes Salary Records

Traditionally, a salary slip was given to teachers so that they can maintain their salary records. Teachers were supposed to keep this piece of paper safe for any future reference. We all agree on how easily physical copies can get damaged.

With school ERP software, the school admin can upload teachers’ salary records online. From here, teachers can view and manage their salary records. They can also track their increment or any changes in their salaries.

Allows Easier Proxy Management

Want to take a leave and pass the lecture to another teacher without the long process? The school management system can do that.

If a teacher is absent, he/she can pass their lecture to another teacher using their application. The teacher taking the lecture instead will receive the notification along with the class details and timings. The school ERP makes such processes more streamlined and faster for more productivity.

Easily Connects Teachers to Parents

Every teacher wishes to convey students’ progress to their parents efficiently. Previously they had to call the parents to tell them about their child’s academics or had to wait till the parent-teacher meeting where they could discuss the child’s progress in detail.

With the school management system, however, teachers can send regular notifications to the student’s parents updating them on their child’s progress. Parents will be receiving this notification on their School ERP application that is specially designed for parents.

Allows You to Take Online Classes

With the current global situation, it has become clear that teaching only in classrooms is not enough. At times when students cannot attend the lecture physically, the teacher can schedule a live smart class.

With this feature, teachers can connect to their students through a smart device. It allows the teacher to conduct a lecture, share the whiteboard with the students for better understanding, and solve doubts then and there via real-time chat.

Allows You to Assign Homework Online

When an online lecture finishes, teachers will not have to send the lecture notes and homework assignments using any separate application. Teachers can assign homework to their students using the same teachers’ application of the school management system.

Not just that, teachers can also evaluate online tests and exams using the school management system. They can send these evaluation reports directly to the parents. After evaluating the test, they can upload the results online so that students can view their results faster.


Teachers put so much effort into teaching their students. The school management system assists their teaching techniques and makes them smarter and more efficient. It allows them to manage their own profile and keep track of students’.

With a good school management system, your school will become more productive and cleverly efficient. Everyone from the school, the administration, staff, and teachers, students, and parents are a part of the school management system.

Does your school use a school management system? If not, then now is the right time. Try the free one-year demo now and experience a new way of managing your educational institute. You can then pay a monthly or yearly subscription to continue using the software.




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