How are School Management Systems Useful for Students
How are School Management Systems Useful for Students

Have you ever faced a situation where while taking the class attendance, the teacher may have forgotten calling your name? Or have called it but with the class so loud she couldn’t hear your voice and marked you absent?

Many students have faced these kinds of situations in their school days or even college days. And they had to later meet the teacher to let them know that they were indeed present in the class.

Students are the most important entities of any educational system, almost as important as the teachers. And so, it becomes necessary to keep the education they get, more fun and easier to understand.

Time and again, we have witnessed how newer technology has played a vital role in making education easier and more accessible to every student. With the current global situation, we again witness how technology made it possible for students to keep learning without leaving their houses.

Benefits of school management system for students

Online learning has become a new normal during these troubled times. And many of you may have realized that this trend is going to stay for a long time even after the pandemic because of all the facilities it offers.

However, there are certain shortcomings to these online learning applications because of which students are not always attracted to online learning.

That is where the school management system comes into the picture. School ERP is a better alternative to all the shortcomings of online learning that happens through a bunch of different application. It gives all the facilities in one application so that the student doesn’t need to download various apps for studying different subjects and their homework.

With that said, let’s check out the benefits that the school management system offers the students.

Smart classes

Unlike online teaching-learning through video calling applications and email, the school management system offers effectual smart class features. So, no getting distracted mid-lecture.

The smart class feature offers teachers to share their whiteboard with students so that it becomes easier for them to understand the concept and remember it.

Do you have a question regarding the current lecture? You don’t have to wait till after the lecture to resolve your doubt with the teacher. The school management system allows you to chat in real-time with your teacher. So whenever you have a query while the lecture is going on, you can simply type it in the chatbox and the teacher can respond to you almost the like she would in a physical class.

Video Tutorial

How many times have you compromised on your studies while missing a lecture or a school day?
Trying to get the lecture notes the next day is as hard as finding correctly matching answers to your assignments on the internet. But now you will not need to compromise your education because of leave.

The school ERP offers you a video tutorial feature that allows you to access pre-recorded lectures on the topic that you have missed. These videos are similar to what you may have been taught in the class so that you understand it better.

This way, you will never miss a lecture, even if you missed the class.

Daily Lecture-Wise Attendance

Remember how we talked about being marked absent mistakenly? This feature provided by the school management system reduces the possibility of such errors.

When the school has an integrated biometric system, all you will have to do is leave a fingerprint and you will be marked present in the system automatically. This way you can mark you attendance not only for the day but also for any particular lecture.

The school management system also gives this facility to the teachers.

Online and Offline Exams

With online studying, online exams are also becoming rapidly accepted among various educational institutions. To conduct such exams, schools and educational institutes will not have to use any external portal.

They can simply use the online exams feature offered by the school management system.

Using their parent’s smartphone and login ID, a student can appear in the school’s online exam. For offline exams, students can receive all the details of that exam on their parent’s smartphone or their own account using the web panel.

Live Admissions

College and university students, who had gone to get admission on their own, know the long process of admission, and how tiring it is.

You have to wait in a long line for hours, take the admission form, fill it, stand in a different line again, and then submit your documents along with the admission form.

With the school management system, you can do all that online and from the comfort of your home. You simply have to fill up the online admission form and upload all your documents. No standing in line for long hours and no forgetting the documents at home.

Fees Management

Like there are lines for admission at school and colleges, there are also lines for paying the fees. Students and parents have to wait for a long time to pay the fees to the school or college.

However, if your school or college uses the school management system and has integrated a payment gateway, then you can pay your school or college fees online without having to wait in line for long hours.

There are many other features that a school ERP offers. However, you will have to use one to know and enjoy all of them.


The educational institutions that use the school management system ultimately increase their productivity and make their institutes as well as the education they impart more efficient.

For students, school ERP is the middle way between enjoying the facilities of online learning but also being a part of classroom learning. The features that the school management system offers reduce the chances of distraction and disinterest from online learning.

Do your students like online learning as well? Try it with the school management system, check it out with the one-year free demo, and then subscribe at an affordable monthly or yearly price.
Students, which features of the school management system interested you the most? Tell us in the comments below.

Students, which features of the school management system interested you the most? Tell us in the comments below.



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