Modern School Management System
Modern School Management System

anaging a small group of children is a task in itself, let alone managing an entire school. That is where school management systems are most helpful. There are so many procedures to take care of. Not to mention the tedious job of keeping an organized track of every student, staff, and employee. Before the advent of computers, as we see them today, all these tasks were manually organized. In fact, in some places, they were still being manually organized even after the invention of the PCs. Nowadays, however, there is a stark difference in how schools function.
Especially with our current pandemic-ridden lifestyles, education has become far more virtual than it was ever before. Thankfully, we are now equipped with technology way better than what it was a few decades ago. Schools now use digital devices to store their database. That being said, other schools are a step ahead because they are using, what is called a School Management System.
As we mentioned earlier, we are now in a phase where our children cannot leave the safety of our homes but they still need the same quality education. This is why; schools have adopted the new virtual learning method by teaching students through online applications. However, these online video applications could only help in taking classes online that too with a lot lacking. And that brings us to its solution, modern school management systems.

What are the school management systems?

Systems that are set up to aid the process of managing a school or any other educational system to run smoothly are school management systems. However, with technological advancement, it is natural to have a modern, digital school management system.
Unlike the schools that keep all their data stored in heaps of paper and files, modern school management systems help schools to store and manage their data using a cloud-based server. Not only that, but it also allows you to manage the usual proceedings of a school remotely. So, the school admins can take care of all the administrative work from anywhere in the world, all they’ll need is a smartphone with the school management application installed in it. Similarly, teachers can keep a track of their students’ work, their own schedule, attendance, exams along with some other tasks.

School Management Systems for Parents and Students

School management systems connect the parents, teachers, students, and the school administration seamlessly. School ERP system like Sweedu benefits the parents and students immensely. Sweedu allows parents to access their child’s progress reports through regular updates on their performance, it helps them to track their ward by using GPS to know the transport route and ensure their safety.
In the same way, students can access their previous lectures using the mobile application of the school management system. So whether they have missed a class or simply want to revisit the lecture for better understanding, they can do so using Sweedu application.
To state it simply, school management systems like Sweedu make the whole process of school administration and communication between all the entities (school admins, teachers, parents, and students) easier and faster. This is why having a modern school management system is important for any technologically advanced educational institute. But, what exactly makes a good school management system? Let’s see all the features of a modern school management system must-have.

  • Employee Management

  • This feature allows the administrator to manage the work profile, data, payrolls, leaves, and other tasks related to the teachers or other staff members of the educational institution. Using this feature, employees and the administration can manage their profile and schedule along with answering any feedback or complaint from any student or parent.
  • Video Tutorial and Smart Class

  • Video tutorials and smart class are features different than regular online classes using video calling applications. Video tutorials help teachers to record and broadcast a lecture. With this feature, students can easily go back to it whenever and as many times as they want. Whereas, the smart class is a virtual class that offers real-time screen sharing, whiteboard sharing, live feedback from the teachers, and query solving as the lecture continues, much like a physical class but with more interpersonal communication between students and teachers.
  • Live Admission, Hostel Allocation, and Scholarships

  • Gone are the days when we had to stand in long queues to get our child admitted to the best school or college. With the Live admission feature, parents and/or students can fill out forms, submit required documents, check admission status, and receive confirmation right from the comfort of their home. Similarly, with the hostel allocation, all you need to do is complete all the formalities using the application and you are ready to move. Hostels and scholarships can also be managed online using Sweedu with the admin’s login details. With the criteria set by admin, the school management software automatically selects the students that are eligible for the scholarship.
  • Transport Facilities

  • Managing student and teacher transport also becomes easy with a school management system like Sweedu. The admin can use this feature to enlist the major routes of student and teacher transport. They can keep a track of vehicles that bring the students to and fro. It offers GPS tracking functions to both parents and teachers to track the position of children which ensures their safety.
  • SMS and WhatsApp Integration

  • Whether it is a parent or a teacher, one can always end up missing an update or two. But with smart SMS and WhatsApp integration, Sweedu makes sure that you never miss any important update. It sends all the important reminders to you with WhatsApp messaging or normal text messaging. So you can stay updated on your child’s progress, admission details, fees payment reminders, homework updates, and attendance status. Modern school management systems like Sweedu offer 10 different login profiles, one for every major role in the educational institution. Hence, teachers, admins, heads of the departments, parents, students, accountants, peon, librarian, and hostel warden, everyone will have a separate login to segregate their work from the other.

To Summarize

Modern school management systems are here to simplify the workings of traditional schools and colleges. They not only make the school administration faster but also reduce the cost of manpower needed to do several different tasks. However, it is important to choose the right school management system that is equipped with advanced features to include everyone from the educational community. Sweedu is one such school ERP that minimizes the gap between different entities of an educational institution. It makes communication between parents, teachers, and students faster and more effective.
Did we miss any important features in the list? Tell us in the comments section below. Or, share the blog with your peers to let them know about these must-have features in any modern school management system.



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