How are School Management Systems Useful for Parents?
How are School Management Systems Useful for Parents?

Gone are the days when parents waited for the parent-teacher meetings to know the progress of their children. These once-in-a-semester meetings used to be the only time when parents would know where their child’s strengths and weaknesses laid. Although with a gap so long in between the meetings, teachers too weren’t able to communicate all that they wanted.

This is the communication gap between parents and teachers that the school management system fills in. When a school uses the right school ERP, it benefits all entities that comprise an educational institution. That includes admins, teachers, students, and parents.

We already know how the school management system assists the school administration but, notably, even parents of school students are greatly benefitted by it.

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about how a good school ERP can be a boon for parents who are worried about their children’s academics.

Benefits of school management system for parents
Modern school management system is easy to understand and can be used by anyone with basic computer knowledge. It also provides you a smartphone application to access the software with ease.

The school ERP makes all school-related processes easier, faster, and more efficient. That being said let’s check out all the benefits that a school management system can offer you, parents.

Online Admission

If you remember the days when you had to wait in a long line to get admission, you know how much trouble it was to wait in the line, get the form, fill it, and again wait in line to submit it along with the documents. And if you forget any document, then you might have to repeat the same process the next day.

The school management system allows you to do this process digitally using your smart devices. Go to the website, fill in the admission form, upload all the required documents, and be done. School ERP makes your child’s admission process easier.

Regular Notifications Regarding your Ward

Using the school management system, the teachers can send regular notifications to parents about how their child is doing in class and in extracurricular activities.

Apart from this, parents can also receive notifications regarding any event organized by the school and its fees (if not added to the school fees), fee reminder notification {smarter fees management blog} to avoid the late fee and students’ homework.

Online Fees Payment

When the school sends you a fee reminder, you may not have to run to the school to pay the fees. You can simply use your smartphone to pay it right away.

If your school has chosen to integrate a payment gateway with the school ERP, then you can pay the school fees online from wherever you are in the world. With only a few steps you can pay your child’s fees.

GPS Tracking

If you are worried about your child’s safety while en route to or from the school, this feature can put an end to your worries. GPS tracking allows you to track the school bus in real-time. This means you will get every update of where your child is by the minute.

The school admin set up the bus’s route from your home to school and back. Even if the bus takes a different route at any point, you will be able to get its timely location and the speed at which it is traveling.

If you find anything unusual with it, you can contact the school right away.

Online Classes

With the parent’s application provided by the school management system, students who are unable to attend the school can make sure that they don’t miss the lecture.

Students can access online smart class where they will be able to connect to their teacher using the chat feature so that they can resolve their doubts and queries right when it arises.

They can also access the pre-recorded video tutorials for a better understanding of the topic.

Online Exam

If a school decides to take an online exam, the students can either give their exams on a computer by logging into their own profile or they can use their parents’ smartphone to give that exam.
Either way, the student will be able to attend the examination from the comfort of his/her surroundings.

These are some of the benefits that a school management system gives to the students and their parents. However, as we discussed in our previous blog, school ERP has so much to offer to school admins and teachers as well.

Bottom Line

A school management system makes your entire institution work smarter and more efficiently. It boosts the productivity of not just the administration or staff but also streamlines parents’ engagement with the school.

In the age where everything works superfast, making educational procedures faster is a need of the hour. To understand how a school management system works, you can try a free one-year demo version. You can buy it later with a monthly or annual subscription.

Which of the above features did you like the most? Comment in the section below to let us know.



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