Homework Management Software in India
Homework Management Software in India

The past year has taught many schools, their staff, teachers, students, and parents how necessary digitization is in the field of education. With the digitization of the institutions, it is no longer a surprise that even the planning and management also gets digitized with technology like homework app for students. Such and other apps are built-in within school ERP software that many progressive schools have already implemented.

The school management software or school ERP software is a set of tools that automate and assist the school stakeholders to manage various tasks and processes. It works to improve the work efficiency of everyone at your school, be it the administrator, teacher, or students.
Apart from the online or offline school software, you can also use the dedicated school management application that has many of the same tools as the desktop software to enable remote management of the school tasks. The integrated app also includes several of the features and modules present in the software.

In this blog, we will be discussing homework app for students and its benefits for the different stakeholders of your school.

What is a Homework App for Students?

The homework app for students in school ERP software is a module for students to manage their homework and homework resources from a single platform.

Managing homework and assignments can be a tough task for students especially if they get study resources from different teachers on different online platforms. The homework app in school ERP software can be a single platform where teachers can assign homework to their students regardless of the subject.

Using a homework app allows your students to plan their homework more efficiently which results in better learning and understanding of each subject and topic.

With that said, let’s check out the different features of the homework app for students in school ERP software.

Features of Homework App in School ERP

The homework app is a module in the school management software application for students/parents and teachers. It works in coordination with other modules of the school management software.

Some of the most useful features that homework apps provide you are as follows:

Homework Management & Assigning

Allows teachers of different subjects to assign homework to their class students. Students will then get a notification of the assigned homework in their application.

Regular and Vacation Homework

Schools often give a larger assignment for students to complete during their summer or winter vacations. The homework planner app can allow teachers and students to segregate between the regular homework and vacation homework.

It is often connected with the timetable app to ensure that the students submit their assignments on time.

Question Bank

The questions assigned by the subject teachers for regular homework or vacation homework are stored as a digital syllabus for students to revisit whenever they want.

The bank is also used by the teachers to draft question papers for exams without having to type them again.

Automated Assessment

The homework module in the school management smartphone application offers an automated assessment of objective homework assignments. This means that once the teacher feeds the answer key for the assigned homework, the software will be able to assess every student’s submitted homework. It also sends the report directly to the student/parent.

It does not need the teacher to manually check every student’s objective homework like MCQs, fill-in-the-blank, true-or-false, etc.

Homework Report

Once the students submit their homework to the teacher, the teachers can assess and share the assessment report to every student’s application as a push notification. The notification can be viewed using the student login or the parent login.

This way, students will be able to know how well they have understood each topic and work on their weak points.

Benefits of Using a Homework App for Students

The homework module in the school ERP application is a tool to simplify the homework assigning and submission process by providing an efficient communication and collaboration platform. Some of the major advantages it offers include:

• Saves Resources

With the homework feature, teachers can assign homework digitally to their students without needing any stationery or similar other resources. It saves time on writing down homework manually in every student’s school diary and also saves resources necessary for distributing study material.

• Improves Time Management

The homework app for students organizes each subject’s homework based on its due date so students can prioritize different subjects as and when they are due. It also helps them focus on every subject with better time management.

• Partially Automates Assessment

It saves teachers’ time by partially automating homework assessments. Teachers only have to check the subjective or longer answers while the school ERP smartphone application can assess the objective answers based on the answer key fed in it by the teachers.

• Tracks Homework Progress

The homework app allows students to update their completion status for every homework assignment. The teachers can view whether the student is done with their homework or is it still pending. This way, teachers will also know who is finding the assignment hard.

• Improves Student Performance

It helps teachers to assess the test and send the reports to the students and their parents in less time. This allows students to understand which areas they need to improve upon. This way, they can focus more on the subjects or topics that need more attention.


What is a Homework App?

A homework app or a homework management app allows students and teachers to manage homework assignments and resources for better efficiency and performance.

How do You Give Students Homework?

Teachers can manually type or select the questions already uploaded to the homework module in school ERP software to choose them for assigning homework. The typed questions will also be automatically saved to the digital syllabus question bank so that teachers can use them again whenever they want.

How do Students do Homework Online?

If your school is using a school ERP software, the students can either log in through the desktop panel or the school management smartphone application for parents/students to access homework resources uploaded by their teachers.

Based on the type of homework, students can answer the assigned questions right within the panel/app and submit them to their teachers digitally on or before the due date.


Homework management is a necessary task for students to study efficiently with the resources provided to them. SWEEDU School ERP Software offers an in-built homework app for students that offers you all the features and benefits listed above. With the student’s school management application, it also allows students to manage their schoolwork and homework remotely using their smartphones.

If you haven’t yet implemented a school management system, now is the best time to do it. You can start a free trial of school ERP software and understand how each feature and module works to improve your school’s productivity and profits.

Do you think school management and planner apps will become a necessity in the future? Tell us your views in the comments section below and if you find this blog useful then be sure to share it with your friends and acquaintances.



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