school erp software with applications
school erp software with applications

Since the evolution of smartphones, big businesses and brands have found a way to stay connected to their customers via a smartphone. The same goes for government institutions. There is barely any industry or sector that does not have a presence on people’s mobile phones. And now the school’s also have school ERP software with applications.

However, the education sector has yet to do the same. Apart from the private education applications, many schools and other educational institutions in India are yet to reach their stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, etc.).

Schools that use school management software can have an option to allow access to important educational materials and manage tasks remotely using a school ERP mobile application for different stakeholders. Although, you will need to choose the right school ERP software to enjoy these benefits.

Keep reading to understand why mobile applications are necessary with school management software.

It Allows Remote Learning for Students

Online classes have become a way of learning flexibly with the use of a computer and an active internet connection. However, according to a report, only 11% of Indian households own any type of computer whereas the number of smartphone owners in India is higher than that.

So, even when a school wants to give its students the benefit of school management software, it will not be able to do so up to its full potential unless it also uses smartphone applications to complete the solution.

With these smartphone applications, students that do not own a computer will also get the benefits of the school management software services. And that includes remote online learning through their phones.

It Improves the Communication Speed

Communication between schools and their stakeholders like parents, students, and teachers is vital to keep the school running smoothly.

A smartphone application for teachers, parents, and drivers allows the school to send important notifications to these stakeholders in real-time. And since these entities receive push notifications on their smartphones, there is barely any chance of not noticing the reminders and notifications.

Unlike computers, people check their phones more often and that will allow the schools to ensure timely delivery of any message they want to communicate to the parents, teachers, or bus conductors/drivers.

It Promotes Online Fees Payment

With the increased use of payment gateways like UPI and online wallets, many people prefer to pay their online shopping bills, electricity bills, and phone bills online. The same should be true for school fees.

Through the school management smartphone application for parents, they can pay fees securely using online payment gateways right from their phones. Parents do not have to go to the school premises, wait in a long queue, or carry their hard-earned money in cash all the way to the school.

The parent’s mobile application allows secure bank-to-bank transactions of any type of school within minutes.

It Simplifies Teacher’s Profile Management

Teachers have a hectic schedule and they would rather access their profile on their smartphones than log into a computer simply to check their leave status.

With a school management mobile application for teachers, they can view, edit, and manage their profile anytime and anywhere.

The school ERP smartphone application allows teachers to manage their proxy (substitute) schedule and tasks, apply for leaves and view application status, take student attendance, conduct online classes, send homework material, and so much more.

Teachers can manage most of their tasks from the mobile application without having to sit with a desktop or laptop computer.

It Connects School Bus

Drivers/Conductors and School

With the conductor application of school management software, the bus driver/conductor will always be able to stay in contact with the school and the parents during transit.

This increases student safety while going to school from home and back. The conductor application works best with GPS integration in the school management software. It allows the school and parents to track the school bus in real-time.

With the conductor application, the bus conductor or driver will be able to keep the school and parents updated when the student boards the bus, leaves the bus, when the bus gets stuck in a traffic jam, and any other such instances.


How can Mobile Apps Help Education?

Mobile apps allow students, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders to access necessary tools and information from their accounts on school management software directly through their smartphones. This reduces their time to complete their task and make it more efficient.

Also, there are times, like while on the bus, when conductors, students, or teachers cannot use their laptops or desktops to access the required information. At such times, a mobile app gives them access to what they need from their school ERP account.

What Role does an Educational App Play in a Classroom?

A mobile application integrated into the school management software allows teachers to access their student profiles, manage attendance, conduct online classes, assign and acquire proxy, and much more.

How Can Apps Help Students?

Students can use the smartphone application integrated with the school ERP to access online lectures, video tutorials, downloadable study and homework material, exam results, and much more through their parent’s account in the application.


Mobile applications integrated with the school management software play a vital role in improving the accessibility of the software for your school and all its stakeholders.

That being said, you need to make sure that the school management software you are choosing offers mobile applications for various stakeholders.

If you are yet to implement it in your school make sure that you first try the school management software for free with the trial version to know how well it fits your school’s needs and only then you must decide to purchase it.

Does your school use school erp software with applications? If not, is it not time to change that? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below and share this blog with anyone whom it may help. You can find more content like this on our blog, so be sure to check it out as well.




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