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Schools and other educational institutions are slowly moving towards a more digital approach to teaching and learning things. With this approach, many institutions are trying out different learning management software that will make the teaching and learning process easier and faster for both students and teachers.

As the world is moving into its next phase of the digital era, many schools and universities are still very new to the technology involved to facilitate education and all its related processes.

However, moving towards digitization of education systems is the need of the hour. Many educational institutions, big and small, have already implemented technology like school management software to streamline their school management tasks and make them more productive, efficient, and profitable.

Similar to how the top school management software focuses on managing different aspects of running an educational institution, an LMS focuses more on the learning aspect of the school or university.

It can be used in integration with the school management software to increase your focus on student learning in addition to what robust school management software offers.

What is Learning Management Software?

Learning management software (LMS) is a tool that provides additional accessibility to the students or learners for better understanding of the concepts, simplifies the education, and makes it all available on a single platform to streamline learning, and make important educational resources available to every student or learner via the internet and a smart device.

The learning management system provides a single online destination for every student to find course materials, additional study materials, quizzes, reports, and certificates in a single place.

It is important to understand that LMS can be used by corporations and companies to train their employees as much as they can be used by schools and other educational institutions for facilitating their students. However, their needs and functionality will be completely different from each other. Hence, you need to be careful of certain things while choosing the right learning management software for your school or university.

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What Do you Need to Check before Deciding on your LMS?

For most schools, investing in the top school management software is enough to provide a wide array of learning resources to the students. However, if the institution wants to increase its focus on the study materials provided to the students without the intervention of teachers or instructors then integrating a learning management software is a wise choice.

A learning management software, just like a school management software, plays a vital role in the learning process of students when implemented in the school, university, or any other educational institution.

So, choosing the right LMS is necessary to ensure the quality of your student’s education is not compromised because of a fault in the software.

Here are some things that you should consider before deciding upon purchasing any learning management software.

Does it offer the Features that your School Needs?

Understanding you’re and your student’s needs in a learning management software is important for better implementation of the software in your institution. Here, you must understand that the LMS is for your students so you need to understand what they want in the learning management software.

Ask questions like how user-friendly it is, how will it benefit the students who will ultimately use the software, how easy is it to create and upload courses and learning materials, etc.

To say it concisely, you need to check whether the learning management software is offering features that your school or education institution requires to optimize the learning process.

If you are thinking of the future, you may want to look for an LMS that offers more features that will also accommodate your future needs, however, make sure that it is not too complicated for the students to use.

Does it Integrate Well with Other Software?

A lot of times, when you choose the right school management software, it comes with additional features that aid the learning of all the students of your school, university, or educational institution.

If your learning management software is working in isolation then you are missing out on a lot of things. Furthermore, it will only increase your task of moving the data from one software to another rather than aiding to reduce your workload.

Choosing the LMS that works in sync with the other software that your school uses is necessary to streamline the data management of all the data gathered from all the software (although we would recommend you to implement a school management software that caters to all the stakeholders of your school).

Is it Scalable?

In one of the previous sections, we talked about how you must make sure that you do not implement a learning management software that is too complicated with different features for students to use easily.

A better alternative for that is to look for learning management software that is easily scalable whenever you need it.

Depending on the size of your educational institution, you can purchase the LMS, and later as it grows, all you will need to do is upscale the software to match your needs. This allows the students to get used to the changes and additions to the software gradually rather than all of a sudden.

When the learning management software is scalable, you can easily ask the provider to upscale or downscale your software to match your needs and budget.

Is it as Secure as it Needs to be?

Security is the most important aspect of any learning management software. As a trusted educational institution, you do not want the user data like student registration details and progress reports to leak due to a data breach.

Furthermore, you also want to protect your data from any kind of physical damage that may occur due to hardware damage.

Choosing a cloud-based learning management software with data encryption is important so that your data is always protected on the cloud-based server to avoid data loss due to any reason.

You must look ask the vendor about their data security measures to ensure that the data your students input in the software is always protected. If the software provider can satisfy you with their answers only then move further with the purchase.

Is it Mobile-Friendly?

In India, as much as 73% of people access the internet using their smartphones. People want to access content more flexibly from wherever they might be at any moment. The same goes for students as well.

Choosing the learning management software that only offers desktop deployment means that you are limiting its usage to only a handful of people between a set time range. Students will only be able to use the resources available on the learning management software when they have a computer or a laptop with them.

Other times, even when they want to access it, they will not be able to access the content available on the software through their mobile phones. So, choosing a learning management software that offers an android and/or iOS deployment option is necessary to make the most out of the learning management software.

Similarly, you can also look for an LMS that allows the students to download the resources whenever they want for easy offline access. This will let students access the study material even when they do not have an active internet connection.


How Do I Choose the Right LMS?

In this blog, we have discussed different things to consider while choosing the right learning management software for your school or educational institution. These are:

  • Does it offer the features that your school needs?
  • Does it integrate well with other software?
  • Is it scalable?
  • Is it as secure as it needs to be?
  • Is it mobile-friendly?

If your answer to the above questions is yes then these major features will help you use your learning management software to the fullest.

What is a Learning Management System for Schools?

A learning management system or learning management software (LMS) is a tool that allows you to create and upload necessary resources, in different formats to help students access study material online through phones, laptops, or computers and an active internet connection.

What is the Best LMS System?

The LMS that meets all your school’s study needs is the best learning management software. To find the one that’s best for your school, you must understand what you and your students need in an LMS. That will help you choose from all that are available.


A learning management software is an addition to the school management software if you are using the right one. It focuses largely on the learning aspect of the education system.

However, if you are using school management software that facilitates students as much as it does for administrators then you may not require to install any additional software to your school.

Before choosing to purchase any software, you must ask for a free trial of the school management software or learning management software to understand its features and its user-friendliness.

What would you prefer, a school management software or a learning management software, or both? Let us know your thoughts about this blog in the comments below. For more content like this be sure to check out our blog and if you liked what you read, share it with your then share it with your friends and peers.


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