school ERP software in Delhi
school ERP software in Delhi

Delhi, the union territory that houses the Indian capital New Delhi, is a place with many premier educational institutes, libraries, and museums. This assortment makes Delhi an ideal place for those who seek knowledge. The city is also home to some of the best government schools in India. With the right school ERP software in Delhi schools, they can take a leap into the virtual space to make education more accessible.

The National city of Delhi is also the most populated city after Mumbai. Despite that, the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi has managed to keep its literacy rate above the national average literacy rate. The government of Delhi and the department of education, Delhi have taken many steps to improve the standard of education for every student regardless of their financial background.

It also has introduced Schools of Specialized Excellence (SoSE) to let students choose the field that they are most competent in. This includes STEM, Humanities, Performing and Visual Arts, and High-End 21st Century Skills.

Implementing School ERP Software in Delhi Schools

For schools, whether in Delhi or any other part of India, it is important to ensure that the students get the best quality education from their institute. With changing times, the need to bring technology into the field of education is now more critical than ever. However, many schools are hesitant in introducing technology unless extremely necessary (like when they cannot take physical classes so they switch to online classes).

This is a little understandable since most schools want to take the tried and tested way of imparting education instead of bringing in experimentation. However, this is also the reason why the education industry has been lacking major technological changes, unlike other industries where technology has made productivity significantly high.

However, the school ERP software is a tool that can be helpful to every educational institution in its most basic yet time-consuming tasks. It automates various processes and functions necessary to improve your school’s overall efficiency.

Advantages of Using School ERP Software

Delhi is leading the education scenario in India with exceptional government schools like the Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya (RPVV) spread across the Delhi NCT. Apart from that, there are also many private schools that provide excellent education and related facilities to the students.

With the right school management software, your school can provide more than that to not only students but also the teachers, non-teaching staff, administrators, and the parents of students in your school. This improves your school’s reputation among the parents and attracts new admissions which ultimately increases your school’s profit.

That being said, school ERP software also streamlines the communication between different stakeholders of your school. This increases the transparency between the school and its stakeholders which can increase their trust in your educational institution.

Here are some of the advantages that school ERP software can offer to your school in Delhi.

Advantages of School ERP Software for Administrators

The administrative department of your school is responsible for managing the student and employee data along with other school-related data like the number of admissions, school results, financial data of the school, organizing events like admissions, parent-teacher meetings, and many more.

With the school ERP software, administrators of the schools in Delhi can manage all these processes with greater efficiency. The school management software offers different modules that are helpful to the school administration.

These modules include:

Online Admission

Allows school administrators to automate the complete admission process right from school inquiry to the entrance exam and confirmation of admission from the school. The administrators do not have to put in additional money, time, effort, and manpower to organize offline admission events. Every step of the process is online, secure, fast, and efficient.


The module allows the administrative department to manage every task related to the employees and teachers of your school. It includes employee attendance, payroll, leave management, daily tasks, and even teacher proxy management.

Student Management

Similar to the Human Resource Management System (HRMS), the student management module allows the school administration to maintain every student’s data ranging from their admission details and personal details to their daily and lecture-wise attendance, report cards, and many other things.

Fees Management

With online fees collection integration, administrators can manage the student fees and related data, like the amount of paid fees, sending confirmation receipts for that, amount of due fees, and sending reminders to parents or students for due fees. Apart from that, they can also manage past fees records, discounts, scholarships, and similar other things.

Advantages of School ERP Software for Teachers

Teachers’ job is to impart quality education to their students and ensure a better understanding of every subject they teach among their students. School ERP software in Delhi schools will help them do their job more effectively with the tools and modules it offers.

Here is how school management software is helpful for teachers.


Human Resource Management System (HRMS) in school ERP software allows teachers and non-teaching staff to manage their profile at the school. This includes managing and updating their personal details, attendance, and qualifications, viewing and downloading their monthly payslip, managing their tasks at school, adding and managing leaves, assigning a proxy to the substitute teacher, and much more.

Online Classes

Allows teachers to conduct online classes through third-party integrations like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and similar other integrations.

Homework Management

Using this module, teachers can upload and assign their daily and vacation homework to the students. Along with the homework, they can attach relevant resources to help students do their homework more efficiently. Teachers can also assess the homework and add the questions assigned to the question bank for future use.

Teacher’s Mobile Application

The teacher’s school management mobile application takes all the features of the school ERP software necessary for teachers and packs them in a smartphone. This allows teachers to manage their work at school remotely without needing a computer.

Advantages of School ERP Software for the Staff

The school does not only consist of administrators and teachers. There are many other staff members that work behind the scenes to keep the school running smoothly. These are the accountants, librarians, receptionists, hostel wardens, school bus drivers, etc.

The best school ERP software in Delhi is also helpful for other employees of your school. It will provide you with features that simplify their jobs as well along with that of the school administrator’s and teachers’. Here are some of the modules dedicated to other employees of your school.

Accounts Management

As the name suggests, the module allows you to manage the school’s accounts with relative ease. You can easily keep a track of every transaction occurring in your school. See the trends in your income and expenses to plan the finances for the next academic year.

Library Management

The library management module allows school librarians to take care of the books in the school library digitally. They can view the record of borrowing, records of re-issuing, and the record of returned books right from their desktop. They can also ask the administrator to send an order for new books for the library.

Hostel management

With hostel management, the hostel warden can digitally keep a track of every room allotted to the students, which rooms are available, what facilities are currently available, and which ones are necessary for the hostel. It also helps with managing the hostel budget details by maintaining the financial records.

Visitor Management

Visitor management is an important module that keeps a track of every visitor entering the school premises. The receptionist of your school can keep a digital record of the name, purpose, and photo of the visitor to ensure student safety.

Conductor Application

The school ERP software offers a school bus driver/conductor application to view the bus route as decided by the school administration. It also records which students and employees have taken the bus and informs the school and the respective student’s parents. This is yet another way to ensure student safety during transit to and from school.

Advantages of School ERP Software for Students

The school ERP software is very helpful for students as it offers them better flexibility and accessibility to manage their academics. With a variety of modules linked together, it offers a seamless studying experience to all the students of your school.

Here are some of the modules useful for the students.

Online Classes

Allows students to attend classes virtually through their desktops or smartphones. These classes are time-specific and can be remotely accessed. This means that students can attend their classes from anywhere in the world as long as they have a smartphone and an active internet connection.

Online Exam

Similar to online classes, online exams are also conducted remotely to allows students to give exams wherever they are. Students can give their exams and receive their marks from the teacher directly through the software.

Homework Management

This module allows students to receive their homework online along with the resources that can be useful for completing it more effectively. Students can complete their daily and vacation homework and choose to submit it online without going to the school physically.

Learning Management System

This is an online repository of learning resources for the students. Students can find lecture videos, topic-based short videos, and similar other educational resources uploaded by their teacher using this module. They can download these videos to view them offline if they do not have an active internet connection at all times.

Student Information System

The student information system (SIS) in the school ERP software in Delhi schools will allow students to get all the information about their academics on a centralized platform. Students can view their personal details submitted to the school, academic progress reports, exam schedule, school timetable, and other information relating to their school from this module.

Advantages of School ERP Software for Parents

The parents of your students will also find school ERP software useful. It offers better facilities for the parents and increases the transparency between the school and parents to increase their trust in your educational institution.

Here is how school ERP software can be helpful to the parents:

Online Admission

With this feature, the school management software nullifies the need for parents to go to the school physically to secure the admission of their child. They can simply fill-up the form of the school upload important document to submit them to the school and get their child to give the entrance exam online. They will also get a notification if their child’s admission is confirmed.

Online Fees Payment

School ERP makes it easier for parents to pay their child’s fees online using a variety of online payment methods including UPI, online wallet, credit/debit card, or internet banking. This increases the transaction safety and provides instant confirmation of successful payment.

WhatsApp Integration

With the WhatsApp integration, parents can receive important notifications and reminders directly to their WhatsApp. This keeps them in the loop of their child’s progress at school. The school can choose to send important announcements, notifications, reminders, and other information using the smart messaging application.

Parent’s Application

Similar to the teacher’s application, the school ERP software also provides a parent’s application. It allows parents to keep an eye on their ward’s attendance, progress, school activity, and much more from a single application. The parent’s application can be accessed by the students as well using their own login credentials.

How can You Get Access to School ERP Software in Delhi?

Even if your school is in Delhi, you can implement the school ERP software that best suits your needs. To know if the software is suitable for your school, it is best to take a free trial of the school ERP software. By doing so, you will know what your school’s requirements are and whether the software is capable of fulfilling them or not.

Get a complete understanding of the school software before deciding to purchase it. That way, you will not have to change it if your school decides to scale up or branch out.


School ERP software in Delhi is not hard to find especially since you can decide to purchase the online cloud-based software. It is safe, secure, fast, and easily adaptable to your school’s education system.

SWEEDU School ERP Software is a similar online cloud-based school management software that you can implement in your school. However, as we mentioned before, it is always best to try the software for free before choosing to buy it.

Tell us what you would look for in your ideal school ERP software? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.




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