Fed up with struggling with a system that seems to add more workload, which does not work the way your school does? Know the benefits of school management software! These days every promising education is looking forward to automate schools by implementing Education ERP Software. Sweedu designed and developed to simplify the process of an educational institution. We aim to make administrative works easier which is highly beneficial to educational institutions.

Our Sweedu is a dynamic platform which allows the institution to manage their whole organization through web, anytime from anywhere with day to day process. Our software nurtures the interaction between Teachers, Student & Parents. With our Sweedu, one’s organization gets completely digitalized. It helps in digitalizing administrative works such as Admission, Payroll’s, Finance, Results & much more.

Through us communication between teachers, students & parents becomes easy. The workload of the organization gets reduced and further the works can be done smoothly.

In today’s generation, having school management software is very important to increase work efficiency. By using our software, overall productivity and efficiency of the school get very much improved.

Our school management software consists of multiple modules to manage the entire lifecycle of a school such as Admission, Timetable, Results, Fees management, Transport, Library, etc. All these modules work together towards the digitalization of school operations. Our software has unmatched flexibility, which can easily cater to any school or institution.

So let’s have a look at the benefits of School Management Softwares:

1. Accountability:

As the school will be able to manage all the data in the ERP, accountability can be reduced from many of the School resources. As there will be fewer resources for administrative activity, the money can be saved.

2. An effective way of communication:

One of the biggest benefits of school management software is that it helps a school communicate in an effective way with the parents. With this software, a school administration would be in such a better position when it comes to sharing information and circulating. All that the school staffs now need to do thanks to the data management system for schools to connect with the parents online. This way, they are able to bridge the gaps in communication that may exist with respect to all the stakeholders – the parents, the students, and the school staff.

3. Less dependency:

The management can check reports of school in the mobile app, so they will have less dependency on teachers. The dependency of other vendors in terms of generating the ID-Card of the students can also be reduced as the ID-Card can be generated directly from the software and it will be cost-effective.


: Small or large organizations should associate with such a Software Firm which provides the software in a very cost-effective way and with all the features and functionalities the school requires.

5.Data Accuracy and Security:

Data managed in the software can be more accurate rather than managing manually. The data managed in the software can be exported anytime when the organization requires. Data managed in the software can be secured in the long run.

6. Time-saving:

As we know “Time is Money”. By using the best school management software, the extra hours of the organization can be saved. Uploading new data in the software and updating the data can be done very easily. It saves the precious time of teachers from regular admin works. This is achieved by automating the usual time-consuming tasks like time-table creation, attendance management, parent-teacher communication, etc. Administrators can also save time by the efficient use of modules like transportation, online fee collection, etc.

7. Transparency:

Transparency in the organization is a must, to have a clearer idea about the work progress of Teachers. Management can check the data anytime anywhere of all the employees leading to more effective management.

8. Student data:

The primary purpose of school software is to manage entire data of a student starting from the pre-admission stage to the day student leaves the school. During this period, the student goes through various classes and undergoes different examinations. All these data along with attendance, teacher remarks, and hundreds of other information associated with the student in the school are stored and managed by the school management software.

9.Time Table Management:

Timetable creation is the most time-consuming activity within a school and with timetable module in school ERP system helps in creating and managing different types of timetables. Teachers and administrators can create timetables using easy drag and drop functionality in such software.

10. Fees Collection:

The fee collection and receipt generation in a school can be simplified and digitized with school management software. With the integration of a payment gateway, the parents can make the fee payments online without coming to the school or college and standing in long queues.

11. Increases Admissions:

The CRM tools available with the school management software are a full-fledged marketing tool that can be used to improve the admission process and quality of the admitted students.

12. Library Management:

The library is one of the most used facilities in the school campus and is an important part of the academic process. All library management processes like adding and managing books, issuing books, tracking books, etc. can be done with the help of school management software.

13. Mobility:

Nowadays people are addicted to mobile, so with Mobile Application the users can get the information very easily anywhere anytime. The mobile app should be Fully Integrated with the ERP so all the data can be accessible at fingertips.

14.Other Advantages:

Apart from the fact that schools need to keep track of data such software also comes in handy when it comes to maintaining and tracking data related to other important people in the system, such as teachers. It can be said without a doubt that these systems have made life a lot easier for all. This includes the following:
• Attendance.
• Parental access to the progress of their students studying in that school.
• Emergency information pertaining to students.
• Scores of tests.

Hence, by implementing Sweedu school management software, you will focus on improving the quality of education, reach desired academic goals within a specific time, and cost perimeters. The final outcome is that all the constituents-students, teachers, staff, administrators and parents comes out as a winner – which just maybe school management’s best benefit of all.

Ready to grow your school? Try Sweedu and see why it is one of the best School Management Software.