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Managing an educational institution is a hectic process. One of the reasons being the amount of student data you have to process, organize and store. Want to know how major educational institutions manage this tiresome process? 

Through student management systems.

With a student management software, all student data can be quickly organized, stored and accessed online for maximum productivity, and data security. 

Before we move on to the benefits of having a student management system, let’s discuss the meaning of a student management system.

What is a Student Management System?

A student management system is a part of ERP software that helps educational institutions manage their student data seamlessly. With the help of this information management module, educators and administrative personnel have 24/7 online access to all the student data anytime, anywhere.

Sdent information includes data related to admissions, fees, billing transactions, exams, attendance, curriculum, assessments, library, grades, timetables, medical reports, and sports.

This student management module helps teachers concentrate on their teaching instead of spending time on paperwork; it helps parents get access to student information and progress updates; it helps administration automate daily data processing for improved efficiency.

Top Student Management System Features That Boost Efficiency and Productivity


  • 1. Student Admission Management system

    • Streamlines the admissions process
    • Reduces the workload on admissions staff
    • Improves the accuracy of student data
    • Makes it easier to track student progress and identify potential problems
    • Provides students with a more positive and efficient admissions experience
    • Student Attendance Management System

2. Student Attendance Management System

    • Automates the attendance-taking process
    • Reduces the time and effort required to track student attendance
    • Improves the accuracy of attendance records
    • Makes it easier to identify students who are struggling with attendance
    • Provides parents with real-time updates on their child’s attendance
    • Student timetable management system

3. Student Attendance Management System

    • Automates the timetable generation process
    • Reduces the time and effort required to create and manage timetables
    • Improves the accuracy and efficiency of timetables
    • Makes it easier to accommodate student preferences and needs
    • Provides students and teachers with a clear and concise view of their weekly schedules

Other than these three main features, a good student management system also needs to have features like: cloud-hosting, alerts & notification, centralized student database, grade & assignment transcripts, student records (health information, behavioral notes, etc.), library database, financial information, automated reports 

Benefits of a Student Management System

There are benefits of using a student management system, let’s discuss them in detail. 


  • 1. Improved Productivity in Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff

Teaching and non-teaching staff have to finish regular tasks and exhausting loads of paperwork which is too much work. Stressful workloads on a daily basis are exhausting, and impact work productivity and quality of work.

With a student information system, your staff can focus on the main tasks. Also, with this information management system, they’ll have online access to quickly perform any tasks or processes that require student data. With quick access to the student database, paperwork and other related processes become easier. 

2.  Analyze Student Performances Efficiently

Educators need student information for lesson planning. Why? It gives them clear insight on which students need one-on-one attention, and analyzes their overall performance accurately.

Understanding a student’s performance is crucial as an educator. Having access to a student information system that stores information regarding their attendance, grades, assignments, homework, and behavior reports helps in making their classes productive.

3. Better Parent-Teacher Relationship

Lack of parental involvement in their child’s education is a common pain point. When they’re not kept in the loop about their kid’s school activities, progress or performance, it affects a student’s academics.

With the help of this system student management becomes easy. educators can communicate with the parents to inform them of noticeable changes in the student’s behavior and academic progress. This way parents can take action to help their kid if the need be. 

4. Increased Data Security

Manually storing and organizing student data is risky. Why? Because it does not have a strong access protection, or a means to ensure the data isn’t misused or lost. Security of data is of the utmost importance for students, parents, and the educational institutions. 

When you switch to an online student management system, it removes all these risks. You get cloud storage, authentication access control, and all the data available to use on a centralized database. This is one way for educational institutions to increase their data security and student safety.

5. Streamlined Communication

To make sure that the management processes in your educational institution run smoothly, you need streamlined communication between departments. And for that you need access to student information, to ensure there’s no confusion or miscommunication. 

With the student information system, all departmental heads have access to data regarding student admissions, fees, billing transactions, exams, attendance, curriculum, assessments, library, grades, timetables, medical reports, and sports. 

This way you can ensure everyone is in sync, and makes informed decisions. 

6. Make Informed Decisions

Planning academic events, student development programs, designing activity schedules, means you need overall student information. For example, to plan a bake sale, you’ll need information regarding the number of students, their medical history to spot allergies, their schedules and their family’s contact details. 

Having access to information can make a huge difference in managing students, prevent any errors, and make sure educators and administration can make informed decisions regarding students. 

7. Save Resources like Time & Money

Manually managing, organizing, and recording student information means the institution has to spend a lot of time, paper, and storage space. In this day and age of global warming, everyone, including educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities, and coaching places needs to become sustainable

When you choose an online student management system, you save resources like time, money spent on paper, stationery, and your employee’s energy. These  resources can be used to improve your educational institution, the learning environment, and the quality of education they provide.

Most Used Management Features In The Student Management System


  • 1. What does the student management system do?

Student management system allows educators and school administration access to student information, including but not limited to academics, performance, health, sports, and personal contact details.

 2. What are the benefits of a student information system?

Student information system organizes and manages all student related information in one database for ease of access for administrators and educators for better efficiency.

3. Why is a student management system important?

A student management system works to improve coordination, communication, and scheduling amongst educators regarding their students. This helps them improve their lesson plans, learning environment, and teaching styles.


A student management system is just what you need to upgrade the management style in any educational institute. From schools to coaching institutes, all benefit from having an online student database that offers easy accessibility, security and cloud backup.

If you want to make sure you get the best student information system, you must check if it offers the following features. 

    • Cloud-Hosting
    • Alerts & Notification
    • Centralized Student Database
    • Grade & Assignment Transcripts
    • Student Records (health information, attendance keeping, behavioral notes, etc.)
    • Library Databases
    • Admissions Information
    • Course Schedules
    • Financial Information
    • Automated Reports

If you’re on the fence about getting a SWEEDU student management system, read the benefits it offers listed below. 

    • Improved Productivity in Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff
    • Analyze Student Performances Efficiently
    • Better Parent-Teacher Relationship
    • Increased Data Security 
    • Streamlined Communication 
    • Make Informed Decisions 
    • Save Resources like Time and Money

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