School Software for Interpersonal Communication

Any institution or organization can only run as smoothly as the communication between the people of that organization or institution. This is why a streamlined communication channel within the institution is necessary for higher productivity and work efficiency. School Software for Interpersonal Communication is the most effective way to stay connected with each other.

A top school management software assists the school administration and other stakeholders of your school to manage different tasks of your school. That is how it helps you to run your educational institution successfully.

But did you know that School Software for Interpersonal Communication with the stakeholders of your school can be improved? With its advanced features, school ERP software can keep the administration, teachers, students, and parents in the loop of every event and incident.

Every school wants to keep the parents in the know of their child’s progress and everything related to the student’s academics. This not only makes parents feel included in their child’s growth but also increases their trust in your institution.

There are several features and integration that can simplify interpersonal communication between different stakeholders of your school.

In this blog, we will be discussing these features and how they help to improve your organization’s interpersonal communication.

Why Do You Need Robust Communication within Your School?

There are many instances where robust communication can improve your school’s efficiency.

For example, if you want to communicate the results of students with their parents, all you have to do is send a message to them via your school management software.

The school ERP management software helps you to communicate even the smallest of instances. These include (but are not limited to)

  • Student attendance records and when the student is absent,
  • Class test results,
  • Fees reminders,
  • Event notification,
  • Urgent holiday notification,
  • School trip details,
  • Homework details,
  • Student class performance report,
  • Online admission status,
  • Student location and school vehicle details,
  • Payroll details,
  • Proxy details,
  • And many more…

With that said, let’s see the features of school management software that can help you to communicate with your staff, students, parents, and other stakeholders more effectively.

SMS Integration

SMS integration is the default way of communication outside of the school management software. Within your package, you get a set amount of SMS messages that you can send to different stakeholders of your school. If you exceed that limit, you can always buy more SMS message package to integrate them with your school management software.

It is useful to send short messages to the parents, teachers, and other staff at the school. Each message is limited to 160 characters. With SMS integration, you can ensure that your message reaches the receiver whether they are online or not.

WhatsApp Integration

If you want to send multimedia along with text messages, then WhatsApp for education is a better alternative to SMS messages. It uses the internet and allows you to send multimedia-rich messages to your school’s teachers, staff, and parents.

With WhatsApp, you can send different types of messages like, send homework-related resources along with the other details of the homework. You can send a promo video of the event you want the parents to join. Or you can send a document file of the progress report directly to the parent’s smartphone.

To teachers, you can send their payslip document, their schedule, and many other things directly to their WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp integration allows you to send messages without any character limit. Since it uses the internet to send and receive the message, you do not have to be connected to the cellphone network to ensure that the message is sent and delivered to the recipient.

WhatsApp already has many users which makes it easier for your school to connect with the parents, teachers, school bus driver, hostel warden, accountant, and other stakeholders of your school.

However, you can only use WhatsApp with your school management software if you have integrated it.

Push Notifications on the Mobile Application

School management software offers school management mobile applications for three different stakeholders, the teachers, parents, and school bus drivers or conductors.

Apart from SMS and WhatsApp messages, school administrators can also send communication to the parents, teachers, staff, and other people who are a part of your school system.

The school management application offers many of its features directly on the user’s smartphone. Because of this, the teacher, parent, or school bus driver will always get the most important notifications.

Moreover, push notifications allow the users to find out more details on any message sent to them.


Faster and effective communication in your educational institute improves your work efficiency and productivity. It also reduces the time required for sending important notifications within the stakeholders.

If you are unsure of which communication channels can you leverage, be sure to ask your school management software provider. They will give you a complete run-through of which channels are available for your use in the school software for interpersonal communication and how you can use them to improve your communication efficiency.

And if your school has not yet implemented it, start by trying the school management software for free before deciding to buy it. That way you will know what your school needs are and if the school management software fulfills them or not.

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