smart-class-and-tradditional class
smart-class-and-tradditional class

Technology has become a part of our life; it is envisioned as an ambitious umbrella to bridge education among the unreachable children living in remote areas. Technology has benefitted in every aspect of life from social communication to education. It has transformed education methodology from traditional to smart education.

In Ancient days, education used to be in Gurukul, under the tree with a guru who use to teach children’s all the aspects of life. But now with the improvement in technology and progress in life, this tradition is replaced by modernized culture i.e. classroom-based education.

Nowadays the teaching method has been improved due to advanced science & Technology and we are the witness of versatile gift “Smart classroom” and “Smart Software” for schools and students.

This smart software has completely changed the education system. This system is developed with an eye to the student’s requirement and provides innovative learning methods using digital instruction material, with the help of projectors, whiteboards, online apps, Smartphone usability, etc. This software also plays a beneficiary role in school management by providing automated software to manage databases which ultimately provides time to focus more on providing better education to a student rather than managing a school. These smart software are an initiative to transform the approach and methodology that the education system uses.

The differences between Traditional & Smart Education are as follows:

1. Earlier manual school database management use to be time-consuming as well as prone to human errors. Whereas now a day’s school management is done through software that is easy to use as well as comes with an automated process to maintain school data hassle-free.

2. Earlier there was no mode of communication, the only way to communicate was face-to-face interaction between teacher and parents. Whereas these days Technology has made communication easiest for people with multiple modes of messaging, calling. This helps in providing instant notification to parents about students’ work.

3. Earlier times books were the only mode of learning for students that too were shared between students. Today we have enormous ways to earn knowledge through books, the internet, web material, Mobile applications, and any other medium.

4. In Ancient times exams used to be on practical methods of life and a few years later they used to be written on paper. The trend is changing and all exams are now performed Online, their evaluation and report are also submitted online with the help of various school management software.

5. Manual entry of data leads to more time and is prone to more errors ultimately leading to more cost. Automated software requires less time as well as reduces error reducing the cost of such software.

Hence, as time and generation change, all of us need to start changing our patterns and go with the trends. One should definitely digitize with Sweedu – Best & All in one School ERP solution to automate your school. Get in touch with us today!