We all know the current situation in the country. During this time of COVID 19 pandemic, every schools, colleges, and other institutes are closed for a longer period. Teachers are trying to find ways to continue teaching through digital platforms. Students definitely feel good being free from homework and routine of schools for a few days but definitely miss their class and learning. We are happy to share that, we are ready with our platform called “Sweedu”. It will create a totally new teaching-learning environment for teachers and students.

What is Sweedu?
Sweedu (a product by Webmedia Experts) was established in the year 2009. Since then purpose-built features of Sweedu make sure that you quickly get the complete access to the most relevant data and should be able to act promptly with the help of a few clicks. The objective is to minimize clerical tasks and maximize productivity. Sweedu School Management Software is an innovative software where you can organize and manage your Schools Virtually easily and faster.

Sweedu provides a complete solution to student management software. It manages the entire campus operations and administration. It provides an interactive platform for all the school members like Students, Teachers, Parents, Administrators, and much more.Sweedu comes with desktop, web-based, and android mobile. It’s a platform for students for quick learning, revision, and access to important learning content. Teachers can upload content in a lesson plan-based structure for organized content sharing.

Teachers will be free to create and share content anytime anywhere. Make your institute fully digital during the Lockdown with Sweedu School ERP Software. Our School ERP Software has several modules & features which have found the best use in these crisis situations. If you haven’t managed to go through these features so far, this is your time to wake up and start looking forward to these amazing features which can prove to be of greater importance to you and your Institute amidst this lockdown.

We have listed some features which you can access remotely staying at home, working from home, and share with others, with a good internet connection, of course.

1. Live Interactive Classes: By using this feature, a teacher and a student or a group of students can communicate via one-to-one or one to many group video chatting. It allows the teacher to schedule online e-classes based on class or subjects and can be accessed via the parent’s login or by the student’s login. So we tried to make it smarter than before by integrating whiteboard sharing and screen sharing features for better understanding. Even it allows teachers to share files related to subjects and other informational documents. Lastly, if any student s faces any issues or doubts regarding the topic, they can raise hand via our hand raise option is available in it.

2. Video Tutorial: It is the best feature for every student. Why it is the best? Being a student it is quite obvious that they may miss offline classes due to multiple reasons like bad weather, illness, or any family functions and occasions. However, by using this feature a student can access subject-wise and class-wise video tutorials. It helps them to understand missed topics and also allows them to revise old or previously taught topics again for better clarity.

3. Class Management: Our class management features allow teachers and HODs to design an active process of learning. It helps in ensuring that the classroom lessons are easy to understand and offers a smooth, silent environment.

4. Fees Management: The collection of fees transparently and productively is essential. The feature of Fees management is available in both students’ and parents’ login. There are mainly 2 ways to pay the fees; one is online-based, and another one is offline-based. The online fees payment will only work if the organization does have a payment gateway integrated with the application. The features offer parents and students to check all fees-related information and amounts. It is based on its type, class-wise fees structure, student-wise, late fees, activity fees, and much more. Being a parent, you can manage fee records and check whether all the fees are paid or not. All the defaulters will be notified with SMS or WhatsApp message.

5. Online /Offline Examination: Online examination is trendy in today’s e-learning education. It comes with various advantages, mainly offers instantaneous results and a paperless Eco-friendly way of examination. By using the feature, a student can attend an objective-based short examination. Both parents and students can attend the examination by mobile app or by web portal. Effective learning always needs a transparent examination. It is the only method by which we can measure the efficiency of a student. By our offline Exam feature, the school or college management provides class-wise Exam schedules and also generates examination scorecards. The features offer detailed exam records, status, and statistics. All the exam detailed information and results are available to the students and their parents by respective login profiles.

We hope you all are Staying Safe and are fine at home. We wish you well in these times and let us just hope and pray that sooner everything will be just fine. It will be good to be back to normal sooner.

Rest assured, we hope you continue to use our ERP software services to the fullest and even explore the new features which we are updating every now & then. Our team is working hard, so if you have any concerns or if you wish to discuss anything, please reach out to our Support team. You can even reach out to us at https://sweedu.com

Connect us for a free demo today. Rest assured, this will create an exciting experience for all the institutes.