online education

As computers become more common place, they are revolutionizing almost every aspect of human life.Virtual learning is basically the use of computers to deliver instruction to learners or students. Unlike traditional learning which involves interaction between students and teachers, virtual learning doesn’t involve physical instruction. It uses computer software or an internet connection to facilitate the interaction.

As virtual learning becomes increasingly popular these days, so do myths about it. Some of these myths are simple misperceptions. Some of these common myths are as the following:
1. Virtual Learning Primarily Involves Spending Time At A Computer.
2. Students are taught by a computer, not a teacher.
3. Virtual Learning Is All About Technology.
4. Virtual Learning Limits Social Interaction.
5. Virtual Learning Is Best Suited For The Home schooled.
6. Students are isolated and lonely.
7. Online courses are easier than face-to-face courses.
8. Cheating is more prevalent in online courses.

These are the most common myths about virtual learning. These myths can form perceptual blockages which can limit the potential benefits of Virtual learning. As such, exposing them is a critical step towards unleashing the full potential of this new type of learning.

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