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School management software has played a vital role in improving many school’s efficiency and functionality. Many schools use it to manage different aspects of their school operations ranging from administrative tasks to teaching and learning methods. Know all the features for school management mobile app.

Online school management software is more accessible as compared to on-premise offline school ERP software. The cloud-based server of the online school management software allows its users to access their data from any device using only their user ID and password or OTP.

And that means that they can also access the school management software panel from their mobile phones using their web browser. However, the web browsing experience on mobile screens lacks one key thing that is necessary for any top school management software.

And that is the user-friendliness of the panel on the mobile browser. School management software panel is created to work on desktop and laptop devices, not for the small screens of smartphones.

This is where school management mobile applications come in.

Types of school management mobile applications

Based on the requirements of the schools in general there are three types of school management mobile applications:
1.Teacher’s Mobile Application
2.Parent’s Mobile Application
3.Driver’s Mobile Application

These three mobile applications help in the teaching, learning, and better communication between school, teacher, parents, and students. The driver/conductor application helps in maintaining the safety and security of students on the road while going to and from school.

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That being said, what features should an ideal school management mobile application have? Apart from being mobile-friendly, what else does a school management mobile application do?

Keep reading further to find out the answers to these questions.

Teacher’s Mobile Application

A school management mobile application for teachers allows them to manage all their important school tasks right from their smartphones. It reduces their time to log in to their accounts on the school management software panel from the school computer to check their daily schedule and tasks.

Here are the top features that a teacher’s mobile application of school management software must have to help you out during your work at school.

Teacher’s Profile

    • Teachers can manage their complete employee profiles using the school management mobile application.
    • This includes their personal information, school-related information, and qualification which they can view and edit to keep it updated in the school database.

Leave Management

    • A feature that allows them to manage their current and future leaves. It also shows them their leave report, how many leaves they have taken till now, and for how many days.
    • If the teachers wish, they can apply for leaves directly from the mobile application without any hassle. Within the same feature, they can check the status of the application and if it is approved or not.

Proxy Management

    • The proxy management feature allows teachers to check if they are filling in for any other teacher’s class. It also allows them to assign a proxy to a substitute teacher of their choice to fill in when they are on leave.

Task Management

    • This feature allows teachers to check the tasks they have been assigned to do on any particular day. It allows them to be prepared for what is to come next.

Online Smart Classes

    • With online smart classes, teachers can conduct virtual classes right from their smartphones. No need for a computer.
    • Teachers can also share their whiteboards with students using the smart class feature on their school management mobile application.

Homework Management

    • Teachers can upload and notify parents and students about their homework with the homework management feature of the school management mobile application for teachers.
    • They can also upload additional homework resources for the students to refer to while doing their homework. These resources are downloadable for offline access.
    • With these top features, teachers can manage their teaching, classes, and their students more efficiently.

Parent’s Mobile Application

Most of the parent’s time is spent looking after their kids and fulfilling their requirements. Schools cannot expect them to sit in front of their computers to get notifications and important updates about their child’s progress.

That is why a school management mobile application for parents is a better alternative. Its push notifications alert parents when the school releases an important update so parents will never miss it.

Some of the must-have features of a school management mobile application for parents include:

Student Profile

    • Parents and students can access the student’s profile, their personal information, exam reports, and parent’s details as well.
    • It gives parents an overview of the student’s current profile for the school.

Fees Management and Payment

    • The fees management feature allows parents to view the upcoming fees, pending fees, paid fees, and an option to pay fees online if the payment gateway is integrated into the school management software.
    • With payment gateway integration, parents can pay their child’s school fees securely via methods like UPI, online wallet, internet banking, etc.

Student Attendance Report

    • Parents can keep a track of their child’s daily and lecture-wise attendance at the school using this feature.
    • The feature shows when the child had a holiday, when they attended school, and when they were absent.

Online Smart Classes

    • This feature is more helpful for the students than their parents. It allows the students to attend their virtual classes through their parent’s phones.
    • Students can access all the tools of the online smart class without having to log in to their accounts.

Video Tutorial

    • Video tutorials offer pre-recorded video lectures that students can watch and download lectures that their teachers have uploaded on the panel.
    • Students can watch this video whenever they want to revise their topics and concepts to understand and remember them better.

Notification and Reminders

    • Parents will receive notifications and reminders in the form of push notifications whenever the school wants to communicate something important to them.
    • With WhatsApp integration, they can also receive these notifications and announcements on their WhatsApp without opening the application.

Homework Management

  • The homework that the school teacher uploads on the panel is downloadable for students to use offline whenever they want. They can download the resources using the Parent’s mobile application for school management software.
  • With these features and more, parents and students can manage most of their important work through their smartphones with the school management mobile application.


While choosing the school management software, it is also important to check whether the provider offers a school management mobile application or not. And if they do then what are the features of that school management mobile application. Whether they fulfill your school’s needs or not.

That is why it is best to first try the school management software for free with the demo version before deciding to buy it for your school.

Which feature do you think a school management mobile application should have for better usability of the software? Share your thoughts in the comments below. And be sure to check out our blog for interesting content on educational technology.

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