why choose school management software
why choose school management software

The use of educational technologies is promoted by the Education Ministry of India. Even the new National Education Policy of India suggests that using the right education technology will improve the quality of education for students by giving them better accessibility. Still many schools are not aware of why choose school management software.

However, many schools have yet to implement any kind of technology (other than basic desktops) in their systems while others who have it installed do not use it in their day-to-day teaching and learning schedule. And that is mostly because the technology is too complex to easily integrate into the curriculum.

That is why schools need to choose wisely which education technology they are going to add to their school system. A good education technology helps everyone at the school, be it the teachers and admins or students, parents and other staff of your school.

School management software is one such technology that is a must for schools to adopt if they want to advance their teaching and learning practices and digitize their operations for higher productivity and growth of every stakeholder.

In this blog, we will see why your school should choose school management software over other education technologies.

It Improves School’s Work Efficiency

School management software offers many modules and features that can help everyone at the school. It decreases the workload of the administrators by assisting them in managing the database of the school employees and the students. It also allows them to communicate with every stakeholder by SMS integration and through push notifications on school management mobile applications.

The school ERP software also helps teachers to digitize their teaching and make it more convenient for students to access it from anywhere. It also helps them to manage their profile as school employees to keep a track of all their tasks, attendance, and salaries.

For students, it allows flexible learning from the comfort of their surroundings. It makes sure that they can easily access all the necessary study material right from their parent’s smartphone.

The school management software reduces the workload of every employee of the school, the students, and their parents for a better school education system and higher productivity.

School management software offers many modules and features that can help everyone at the school. It decreases the workload of the administrators by assisting them in managing the database of the school employees and the students. It also allows them to communicate with every stakeholder by SMS integration and through push notifications on dedicated mobile applications.

Streamlines Communication

The school management software offers various ways of communication within the different stakeholders. The center point of this communication is the administrator who can send and receive communication from everyone at the school.

With the school ERP software, the administrator can send messages to the teachers, parents, hostel warden, and even the school bus drivers. With smart integrations like SMS and WhatsApp, the administrator can send messages directly to the recipient’s smartphone.

WhatsApp integration allows school admin to send messages rich with multimedia like images, videos, documents, audio files, and location. With the WhatsApp API integration in the school management software, messages like fees reminders, event notifications, homework with additional resources in the form of links, documents, videos, or audio files, progress reports, etc.

Increases your School’s Security

School management software offers many features to improve your school’s on-premise security as well as digital security.

For example, with the visitor management features, schools can keep a track of every person visiting the school along with their name, visiting time, leaving time, and photographs.

Similarly, with the cloud- server in the online school management software, all your data stays encrypted so that it is protected against digital and physical damage.

Apart from that, it also offers GPS integration to track the school bus or school vehicles so that the school can ensure student and employee safety even during transit.

It Helps in Optimizing the School Resources

Some of the most important resources of your school include time, manpower, money, and effort. The school management software automates several of the important and redundant tasks so that the effort and time put into it is reduced.

For example, it automates the complete process of online admission right from handling inquiries to organizing all the information gathered from the admission forms.

Because of this, the finances required for organizing an admission event reduces significantly. The manpower necessary to manage the event is also reduced, the time spent after managing every admission form manually is also optimized since the administrators do not have to put any effort to organize and segregate the information acquired.

Paperless Operations

Whether it is taking attendance, or keeping visitor records, whether it is managing the library register or maintaining student and employee records, all the things that are traditionally registered physically.

With school management software all these processes are completed digitally. The school ERP software automates several processes like attendance and admission so that the school administration does not have to use additional resources like papers, files, folders, or other stationery items.

Lesser use of paper means you will not have to store piles and heaps of papers in cupboards and shelves to maintain important records and databases.


What does a School Management System do?

A school management system or school management software helps the school administrators to manage all the tasks and functions of the school digitally. It also helps the teachers to digitize their teaching, offers flexible learning tools for students, and increases transparency between schools and parents.

What is the Best School Management Software?

The best school management software is the one that meets all your needs. It is the essential technology that can help with every task at your school. Make sure that you first try the school management software for free with the demo version before choosing to purchase it.

What is the Fees Management System?

Fees management is a feature of the school management software that allows the school administrator to manage student fees and send fee reminders and digital receipts to parents.

With payment gateway integration, parents can pay school fees directly from their smartphones using methods like UPI, online payment, internet banking, and wallet.


The school management software is the first educational technology you should be thinking of if you want to digitize your school and make it smarter. It can improve your school’s productivity and give it an edge over your competitors to attract more admissions.

Its advanced features make sure that your school gets all the required tools for better education and concept learning for students making them better citizens of tomorrow. With smart integrations, you can further improve your school managing experience. Start your free trial of the school management software to find out how it can be helpful for everyone at your educational institution.

Do you agree that school management software is the first educational technology any school should adapt to make itself smarter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you want to read more about educational technology or school management software, head over to our blog and share the piece that you like.


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